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MTF Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation consistently ranks as one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. While common among cisgender women, transgender women also frequently seek out breast implants. Larger, fuller breasts are a common goal among cisgender and transgender women. At Sarasota Surgical Arts, Dr. Sessa regularly performs breast augmentation for both cisgender and transgender women. Sarasota Surgical Arts provides the best MTF breast augmentation Sarasota offers.


Male to female breast augmentation, sometimes called MTF breast augmentation or transgender breast augmentation, uses breast implants to create a more feminine contour. A flat or small chest can cause or increase gender dysphoria, which is a harmful and deadly condition. Placing breast implants can improve or alleviate gender dysphoria in transgender women.

Good candidates for the procedure tend to have certain qualifications. Though not all of these qualities are present in every single patient. Dr. Sessa can make the final call on if you are a good candidate for MTF breast augmentation in Sarasota. 

Good transgender breast augmentation candidates tend to have:

  • Diagnosed gender dysphoria
  • Desire for larger breasts
  • Generally good health
  • Do not smoke
  • BMI of 40 or under
  • Good understanding of the procedure
  • Realistic expectations and goals
  • At least 18 years old

Watch foremost breast surgery expert, Dr. Alberico Sessa explain breast augmentation in Sarasota.

Goals Of The Procedure

Patients carry many personal and unique goals for their breast augmentation procedure. In general, patients often have many commonalities in what they want to achieve with the procedure. Dr. Sessa is an expert breast surgeon and understands the specific techniques to achieve nearly any goal. Some common goals of MTF breast augmentation include:

  • Create a more feminine figure
  • Achieve natural looking breasts
  • Make breasts proportionate to body
  • Treat or alleviate gender dysphoria
  • Reduce masculine appearance
  • Make it easier to wear feminine clothing
  • Alter the size and position of the nipples to be more feminine
  • Increase feelings of confidence and self-esteem

As previously mentioned, every patient will have their own goals and ideas of what they want their results to look like. Dr. Sessa will discuss these with you during your consultation at Sarasota Surgical Arts.


For patients who undergo Sarasota transgender breast augmentation, there are many benefits and advantages. Beyond the personal benefits to the patient’s quality of life, other possible benefits of MTF breast augmentation include:

  • Alleviation or reduction in feelings of dysphoria
  • Increase in breast size
  • Symmetrical breasts
  • Creation of cleavage
  • Alterations of the nipple to sit or look more feminine
  • Enhanced breast shape
  • More feminine appearance and body contour
  • One to two hour surgery
  • Fairly easy recovery
  • Use of minimal scarring techniques
  • Improved confidence
  • Fit into feminine clothes better
  • Individualized surgery
  • Various types, sizes, shapes, and projections of breast implants are available
  • Performed by expert Florida breast surgeon


On the surface, the two procedures appear relatively similar. The two surgeries do share much in common and are performed in basically the same way. However, there are minor differences between the planning of the surgery and executing it. Below, you can find the main difference between transgender breast augmentation and cisgender breast augmentation.

#1: Rib Cage Width

First off, transgender women tend to have wider rib cages. This means that for a good result and breasts that look proportionate transgender patients often need wider breast implants. Easily achieved through the sizing process, Dr. Sessa aims to create every patient’s idea of the perfect breasts.

#2: Thickness Of Pectoral Muscle

Next, the pectoral muscle, is sometimes thicker in transgender women. Normally, this does not cause too many issues, but in some patients, it may require specialized techniques. In rare cases, it may require placing the implants above the muscle. Placing breast implants under the pectoral muscles reduces the possibility of complications and usually creates more natural results.

#3: Nipples & Areola Differences

Thirdly, the nipples and areolas of MTF patients may require resizing or repositioning for optimal results. If breast implants were placed like in a cisgender patient, the nipples would be far from the center of the breast. This requires placing the breast implants carefully and strategically. Typically, this entails placing them slightly below the breast fold. Additionally, cisgender female nipples and areola tend to be bigger and project more. Based on your anatomy, there may be procedures Dr. Sessa can perform to address this difference.

#4: Breast Tissue Firmness

Finally, the natural breast tissue and skin in transgender women are different from that of cisgender women. Whether or not the patient has taken hormones, transgender patients tend to have firmer breast tissue. There is also usually less skin to work with. This makes the procedure more challenging. However, an experienced cosmetic breast surgeon like Dr. Sessa can easily account for and handle these challenges.



Before undergoing MTF breast augmentation at Sarasota Surgical Arts, you will meet with Dr. Sessa for a consultation. At this appointment, Dr. Sessa will ask about your goals, expectations, medical history, lifestyle, and anatomy. All of these factors contribute to whether or not you are a good candidate for transgender breast augmentation in Sarasota.

If Dr. Sessa believes you are a viable candidate for the procedure, you and Dr. Sessa will discuss the preferred surgical technique. You can also try on breast implant sizers to choose your implant size. At this point, Dr. Sessa will explain your specific surgical procedure and what to expect from your results.

You will receive a price quote and financing information before leaving the office. Generally, you can then schedule surgery. Sarasota Surgical Arts does work with Care Credit.


Different patients will have different ways they need to prepare for their Sarasota MTF breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Sessa will provide you with all of the instructions you need to prepare for your procedure. Some of these instructions may include:

  • Obtaining necessary medical clearances
  • Procuring financing
  • Making all necessary arrangements including a caregiver, childcare, lodging, transportation, etc.
  • Schedule enough time off work to properly recover
  • Pick up prescriptions before surgery
  • Do not eat or drink anything for several hours before surgery unless otherwise directed by Dr. Sessa
  • Temporarily stop certain medications as instructed by Dr. Sessa
  • Do all necessary errands before surgery
  • Wear loose fitting, clothing with buttons or zips
  • Shower the night before or morning of surgery

Transgender Surgery

Breast augmentation surgical technique varies widely between patients and surgeons. It is common for many transgender patients to desire to keep incisions off the breasts. This makes the armpit incision, or transaxillary method, ideal for many MTF breast augmentation patients. With that said, MTF breast augmentation can utilize any of the common breast augmentation techniques.

Regardless of the incision used, Dr. Sessa will make the incision. From here, in most cases, he will lift the pectoral muscle from the chest. With the exception of the transaxillary method where he can access the muscle without excising it. Dr. Sessa then creates a pocket for the breast implant. Using a Keller funnel and the no touch method, Dr. Sessa places the breast implants. 

Once ideally positioned, Dr. Sessa will suture the pocket and incision. He may then go on to perform other procedures if necessary. Often, this will end the surgery and you will slowly begin to wake up from general anesthesia.


Recovering after MTF breast augmentation roughly mirrors a cisgender breast augmentation. It is normal for patients to experience some pain, tightness, swelling,  bruising, redness, tenderness, and itchiness around the incisions. Transaxillary breast augmentation often reduces pain since the muscle was not lifted from the chest wall.

Generally, breast augmentation recovery is tolerable. Some patients never use prescription painkillers and some may not even bruise. Patients are often safe to return to stationary or light duty work within one week. More physical labor may require more time off. Full cardio can resume between four and eight weeks. Lifting or chest exercises often take between six and twelve weeks to return to fully continue.


From there, breast implants will take a few months to fall into their final position. It can take anywhere from two to twelve months for your breast implants to drop. Typically results are considered final after nine to twelve months. Swelling may also persist for a few months. Dr. Sessa will continue to follow up with you during post-operative appointments.


Do You Have To Be On Hormones Before MTF Breast Augmentation?

No, it is not a requirement. However, unlike FTM top surgery where taking hormones does not impact results, taking hormones before MTF top surgery may improve results. Hormone therapy for MTF patients usually results in the development of some breast tissue. This can lead to more natural looking and feeling results. Additionally, it can make the technical aspect of the surgery easier.

This is completely a personal choice, however. Dr. Sessa does not require his transgender patients to take hormones before or after surgery. Some may choose never to take hormones and that is perfectly okay. It should be noted that if you do take hormones, you may need to stop for a few weeks before surgery. This is only temporary and you can resume at a certain point during your recovery.

What Are The Best Type Of Breast Implants For A Transgender Woman?

The best type of breast implant for a transgender woman largely depends on her goals and anatomy. In most cases, Dr. Sessa will recommend some type of silicone implant. This is because they tend to provide more natural looking and feeling results. However, if a patient wants particularly large breasts, but is not suited for the placement of silicone implants, saline implants can provide dramatic results through a small incision. Ultimately, the best way to determine the right breast implant for your body and goals is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alberico Sessa at Sarasota Surgical Arts.

Do All MTF People Get Breast Implants?

No, not all people who transition from male to female get breast implants. Not all of them will experience gender dysphoria surrounding their chests, or at all. This is perfectly fine as every patient’s choices during their transition are their own to make. If you choose to get breast implants, Dr. Sessa is the best breast augmentation surgeon in Sarasota.

What Breast Augmentation Techniques Can Be Used During MTF Top Surgery?

All of the major breast augmentation techniques are possible to use during MTF top surgery. These techniques include:

  • Inframammary incision
  • Periareolar incision
  • Transaxillary incision
  • Transumbilical incision

The inframammary fold and transaxillary incisions are the two most popular and frequently performed techniques for transgender breast augmentation. Dr. Sessa can recommend and talk about the best technique for your surgery.

How Much Is MTF Breast Augmentation In Sarasota?

The cost of MTF breast augmentation in Sarasota depends on the type of breast augmentation you choose and other specifics. For more pricing information, try out our Price Simulator™ app or visit our price list.


Dr. Alberico Sessa is an accomplished and world renowned cosmetic surgeon who specializes in transgender surgeries. He performs hundreds of breast surgeries every year and is highly rated among his patients. With over two decades of surgical experience, Dr. Sessa is the best cosmetic surgeon in Sarasota.

Sarasota Surgical Arts is a state-certified cosmetic surgery facility. Prioritizing patient safety and comfort, Sarasota Surgical Arts accommodates surgical and non-surgical procedures every day. Located conveniently steps away from the famous Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota Surgical Arts is one of the best and most scenic locations for your MTF breast augmentation surgery. 

To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 941-923-1736. You can also reach out online via our Price Simulator™, contact forms, and chat.