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Breast Procedures

Breast Surgery in Sarasota, FL

Breast size, shape, asymmetry, and sagging can be a big source of self-consciousness and disappointment for many women who want more curves. Fortunately, women who are dissatisfied with the size and shape of their bust can achieve their preferred breast size through breast surgery. Breast augmentation is a long-term solution that typically uses synthetic breast implants to add volume and shape to a woman’s figure. At South Florida’s Sarasota Surgical Arts, board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alberico J. Sessa, MD, offers natural-looking breast augmentation to help women feel more confident and happy with their appearance.

Breast Procedures:

Breast Augmentation – What is it?

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that is performed to enhance the size, shape, and projection of a woman’s breasts. The result is a larger bust that meets the individual patient’s aesthetic goals. Breast augmentation is most often performed using breast implants, which are typically made of silicone gel or liquid saline. A smaller number of patients elect to undergo autologous fat grafting for breast enhancement. During this procedure, the patient’s own fat is harvested from an area of excess bulk, then purified and redistributed to the breasts.

Augmentation with breast implants creates reliable and consistent results and allows patients to add significant volume during one surgery. Fat transfer can create a more natural-looking result, but is less predictable and does not allow for dramatic changes. The best procedure for each patient depends on their individual goals.

Why Choose Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgery designed to increase the size and prominence of the breasts, effectively enhancing a woman’s figure to appear more feminine and shapely. Most women gain confidence and find that clothing is more flattering after breast augmentation.

Some women who seek breast augmentation may wish to restore the look of their breasts following a life-changing event. While not medically necessary, cancer survivors often opt to undergo breast augmentation to replace their breast(s) following a single or double mastectomy. In other cases, mothers may wish to rejuvenate the chest after breastfeeding, which can cause a saggy, deflated appearance of the breasts. Weight loss can also cause unwanted changes in breast contour. Sometimes, women choose to combine breast implant surgery with a breast lift for a fuller, more youthful look.

Breast augmentation can also be performed on women who have small chests due to their genetics, or those who are naturally thin and do not wish to or are unable to gain weight in order to increase their cup size. Conversely, larger breasts can also balance figures that are more bottom-heavy.

For ten years I have been thinking about having breast surgery. Last year I started searching for the right place and the right doctor. I met with Dr. Sessa with whom I had a really good contact and felt very confident. He is very professional, meticulous, takes time to explain in details the procedure. He and his team made me feel very comfortable and I decided to go forward with the surgery. Everything went very well. Dr. Sessa and his team were very supportive. After surgery, the follow up was really serious, and I am very happy with the result.


Breast Augmentation Candidates

The best candidates for breast augmentation are healthy, adult women who have realistic expectations for the procedure. Patients should also be non-smokers or willing to quit well in advance of the procedure.

Patients must be able to physically handle the procedure, from the anesthesia to the recovery period. Certain conditions, allergies, and reactions might affect the results of the surgery and must be considered. Women should have fully developed breasts and be over the age of 18 (or 22 for silicone implants) to undergo a breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation candidates should ideally not be planning on becoming pregnant following the procedure. If a woman gets pregnant, weight gain and weight loss, hormones, and breastfeeding can impact the look of the breasts.

The Breast Augmentation Consultation

Women who wish to increase their breast size may be good candidates for breast augmentation at our cosmetic surgery center in Sarasota, FL. During a consultation appointment at his South Florida practice, Dr. Sessa begins by asking the patient her aesthetic goals. Most women prefer natural-looking surgical results, while others want the breasts to be their most prominent, dramatic feature.

Dr. Sessa may inquire about the patient’s activities and lifestyle to help her decide on the best breast enhancement option. He can provide actual implants that have been inflated for the patient to try on, which can help with size choice. Dr. Sessa helps guide patients through the decision-making process, recommending different implant types, sizes, and placement options based on the patient’s goals.

The doctor will review the new patient health questionnaire and may request additional medical information to determine candidacy. Because breast augmentation is elective, Dr. Sessa is careful to screen patients for any potential complications. During the consultation, the doctor will explain how the procedure will be performed and what to expect during the healing process. Patients are also invited to ask questions.

Preparing to Undergo Breast Augmentation Surgery

Before undergoing breast enhancement surgery, patients should take steps to ready themselves for the procedure. Basic planning includes filling any medications prescribed by Dr. Sessa, arranging a ride to and from the surgery, and pausing the use of certain drugs and supplements as directed.

Patients should plan to shower the day of the surgery and wear a clean top that buttons or zips, which helps to keep the chest area clean before surgery and comfortable after. It is highly recommended that patients prepare their home and make arrangements for childcare and other responsibilities during the first few weeks.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure Explained

Breast augmentation is one of the most customizable cosmetic surgeries available. Patients can choose the location of the incisions, the type of breast implant used, the placement of the implant over or under the muscle, or whether they would prefer fat grafting to the breasts. Dr. Sessa will likely see the patient for a pre-operative meeting where he may use a surgical marking pen to help guide him during the breast augmentation. The patient is then typically placed under general anesthesia for the breast augmentation surgery.

Dr. Sessa generally creates incisions under the breasts for the placement of a silicone implant, which is pre-filled. Saline implant shells are inserted deflated and can be placed through surgical cuts made around the areola, under the breasts, in the underarms, and even through the navel. The implants are then filled to size. The implant is then secured in place and drains may be placed. The incisions are then sutured closed and dressings are placed to support the breast tissue as it heals.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Patients are usually discharged soon after surgery. They may feel tired as the anesthesia wears off. Many women describe the feeling as heaviness on their chest with some tightness. Bruising and swelling are common but can be well-controlled with proper care. Pain medication should be used as directed to reduce discomfort.

If drains were placed, patients will be given instructions on how to care for them until they are removed. Patients should sleep on their backs, slightly elevated, to promote proper drainage. They should avoid reaching for at least a week and will need to take some time off from work and strenuous exercise. Dr. Sessa and his staff can provide more specialized directions for the recovery depending on the specifics of the procedure.

Possible Risks and Side Effects of Surgery

Every type of surgery carries inherent risk, and elective surgery of the breasts is no different. Patients can discuss possible unwanted outcomes with Dr. Sessa during the consultation to understand the risks and possibility of complications. While side effects are rare and often preventable, choosing a board-certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Sessa greatly reduces surgical risks.

Why Choose Dr. Sessa to Perform My Breast Augmentation?

Alberico J. Sessa, M.D. of Sarasota Surgical Arts is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon practicing at the Sarasota Surgical Arts cosmetic surgery center in Sarasota, FL. Dr. Sessa is an expert at combining proven scientific techniques with an artistic flair to enhance a patient’s own anatomy in a natural, yet dramatic way.

Patients recommend Dr. Sessa for his skill and compassionate care. He is proud to create custom treatment plans for each patient and often combines procedures during a surgical session for optimal results. Breast augmentation is often paired with a breast lift if patients are dissatisfied with the position of the bust in addition to their breast size and shape. Dr. Sessa ensures that each patient feels comfortable and excited about the procedure before moving forward.



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How will I know the best breast size for my frame?

Dr. Sessa can help recommend a breast size based on your preferred aesthetics, lifestyle, and figure. The breasts should help create an attractive silhouette, and enhancements can be performed without appearing artificial. Breast implants that are too large can lead to an unwanted appearance, like rippling.

Will an implant feel like my natural breast tissue?

Modern implants are created to feel more like real breast tissue. With options like silicone gel, semisoft silicone, and saline-filled implants, there are different choices to suit each patient’s needs. While fat grafting may create the softest feel, there are limitations in the size increase.

Will my scars be visible?

Women often imagine how their breasts will look in swimwear. In most cases, surgical incisions are discreetly hidden in natural creases of the skin for the best look. While there may be visible scars, they can be minimized by following the doctor’s post-surgical instructions, including wound care and skin care. The incision sites can be dressed with silicone sheets during the recovery, and skin procedures like microdermabrasion or microneedling can improve the look of scars.

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