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Dermal Fillers Sarasota

Dermal Fillers


Dermal Fillers Sarasota | Sarasota Surgical Arts

The last two decades have seen an explosion in the availability and popularity of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Among the most popular are injections such as dermal fillers. Used both to combat aging and address aesthetic concerns, dermal fillers are a versatile tool that can nearly instantly enhance appearance. Sarasota Surgical Arts is a top provider of dermal fillers and offer the best dermal fillers Sarasota has available.

Overview: What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable substances that can plump and augment the treatment area. Most commonly, fillers are used to disguise wrinkles and age-related hollowing of the face. However, it can also be used to augment certain areas of the face such as the chin and lips. Dermal fillers are made of various materials, though hyaluronic acid is the most widely used.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body and naturally broken down over time. This makes it a safe and natural feeling option. Hyaluronic acid also has many skin benefits and is found in topical products as well. Other materials that fillers are made of include poly-L-lactic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite.

Dr. Sessa will discuss which type of Sarasota dermal filler is ideal based on your goals, treatment area, and medical history. For people new to fillers, hyaluronic acid based fillers are usually recommended.


Dermal facial fillers come with many benefits and advantages. The exact benefits and results you experience will depend on many factors. However, among the most commonly reported benefits of dermal fillers include:

  • Plumper facial features
  • Younger appearance
  • Natural looking augmentation
  • Reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Increase collagen production
  • Low risk
  • Little to no downtime
  • Can achieve both subtle and dramatic results
  • May help reduce the appearance of acne scars and other scars present
  • Results are immediately noticeable (final results take about two weeks)
  • Combinable with other injections
  • Multiple areas can be treated in one session
  • Dissolvable (hyaluronic acid fillers only)
  • Customizable

You may notice other benefits such as more defined facial contours depending on the specific filler injections you undergo and your starting anatomy. All fillers are temporary or semi-permanent. This allows patients to alter their filler procedures to match their unique aging process and preferences.

Fillers are also used as a trial before undergoing facial plastic surgery. For example, a non-surgical rhinoplasty or chin filler can help patients determine if they like the results before undergoing a permanent surgery.


Any type of injection comes with some risk. Dermal fillers are generally quite safe and low risk. However, before administering any filler injection, Dr. Sessa will evaluate your risk profile. Some of the risks of dermal filler injections include:

  • Infection
  • Allergic reactions
  • Prolonged bruising, swelling, or bleeding
  • Acne or cold sore flare-ups
  • Scarring
  • Lumps or bumps that do not go away
  • Asymmetry
  • Unsatisfactory result
  • Occlusion

Most of these risks and complications are temporary, treatable, and/or preventable. Sarasota Surgical Arts employs thorough patient screening, safe injection techniques, and individualized care to minimize risks.

Types Of Filler Offered At Sarasota Surgical Arts

Sarasota Surgical Arts offers a variety of different filler options. While hyaluronic acid fillers are primarily used, Dr. Sessa can perform longer lasting filler injections for patients who are good candidates.


Restylane is a manufacturer of multiple hyaluronic acid fillers. Most of Restylane’s offers are made for a specific treatment area or purpose. Below are a few examples of Restylane’s filler options and the areas they are FDA approved for. Though, most hyaluronic acid fillers can be used off-label in other areas.

  • Restylane Kysse: lips
  • Restylane Lyft: cheeks, nasolabial folds, and hands
  • Restylane Refyne: facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds
  • Restylane Defyne: chin, nasolabial folds, and facial wrinkles
  • Restylane Contour: cheeks
  • Restylane L: facial wrinkles and lips


Juvederm is another manufacturer of hyaluronic acid based fillers. Their fillers are often known to be slightly thicker than Restylane. However, otherwise, they are extremely similar and often can be used in the same areas. Below are a few Juvederm products and the areas they are FDA approved for use.

  • Juvederm Ultra: lips, perioral area, and facial wrinkles
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus: facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds
  • Juvederm Voluma: cheeks and chin
  • Juvederm Volbella: lips and under eyes


Radiesse is a semi-permanent filler made of calcium hydroxylapatite. Because Radiesse is calcium based, the filler is great for bonier areas such as the chin and cheeks. Radiesse is designed to treat facial wrinkles and hollowing that appear with age. It is not commonly used or considered safe for treating the lips or under eyes. Some common treatment areas include:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Hands
Before & After
A Before & After of a Fat Grafting Plastic Surgery by Dr. Alberico Sessa in Sarasota
Before & After
A Before & After of a Fat Grafting Plastic Surgery by Dr. Alberico Sessa in Sarasota

Filler Injections & Treatments

Dermal filler injections are one of the most common and popular cosmetic treatments in the world. Millions of filler injections take place every year globally. At Sarasota Surgical Arts, Dr. Sessa can treat a variety of areas and concerns.

Lip Filler

Lip filler involves using hyaluronic acid fillers to plump and augment the lips. Sometimes lip fillers can treat lip lines or wrinkles that may form in the area due to age. Lip fillers are popular among all age groups. However, they are one of the most popular filler procedures among the younger population of adults. 

Some fillers often used for the lips include:

  • Restylane Kysse
  • Restylane L
  • Juvederm Ultra

Chin Filler

A recessed chin is often genetic but can develop over time. Chin filler enhances natural bone structure to improve facial contours and profile. In many patients, chin filler can lead to a slimmer looking jawline. In people with a minor double chin, chin filler can also sometimes address it without the need for other treatments.

Fillers frequently used in the chin include:

  • Restylane Defyne
  • Juvederm Voluma
  • Radiesse

Jaw Filler

Jaw fillers are less commonly performed than other treatment areas. However, they are sometimes used to create a more square jaw, treat scarring, or abnormalities that affect the jawline. Botox can also help slim the jawline. 

Fillers regularly used in the jaw include:

  • Restylane Lyft
  • Juvederm Voluma
  • Radiesse

Nose Filler

Nose filler–also referred to as a non-surgical rhinoplasty–typically addressed unwanted humps on the bridge of the nose. Additionally, it can lift the tip of the nose. Some patients may use filler as a way to preview surgical rhinoplasty results.

Fillers frequently used for nose filler include:

  • Restylane Defyne/Refyne
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus

Cheek Filler

Cheek filler can create a slimmer face and provide more definition and volume to the cheekbones. This can also address volume loss due to aging.

Fillers commonly used for the cheek area include:

  • Restylane Contour
  • Juvederm Voluma

Smile Line Filler

The smile lines–also known as the nasolabial folds–can deepen with age and time. Some people may also have naturally deeper nasolabial folds. If a patient wants to reduce or diminish these lines, dermal fillers are a good option.

Fillers often used for smile lines include:

  • Restylane Lyft
  • Juvederm Ultra

Under Eye Filler

The under eyes are often one of the first places on the face that begin to show hollowing. Dermal fillers can brighten up this area and restore a rested look. Since the skin under the eyes is among the thinnest on the face, choosing the right filler is important. 

Fillers commonly used under the eyes include:

  • Restylane L
  • Juvederm Volbella

Temple Filler

People can lose temple hollowness for several reasons including an active lifestyle and aging. Dermal fillers can help restore this volume and round out the face for an attractive heart shape. It can also lift the eyes slightly for a cat eye look.

Fillers frequently used in the temple include:

  • Restylane Lyft
  • Juvederm Voluma

Hand Filler

Outside of the face, the hands can show aging early on. Thinning skin and lost volume can make the veins and tendons on the back of the hand more prominent. Fillers can restore a more youthful look to the hand.

Fillers regularly used in the hands include:

  • Restylane Lyft
  • Radiesse



On average, hyaluronic acid fillers last somewhere between three and nine months depending on the filler. Though, in certain areas, they have been known to last over twelve months. Biological and environmental factors do also contribute.

Semi-permanent fillers such as Radiesse can last up to two years in many circumstances. These fillers may require two or three initial sessions. Additionally, it can take more time to show results since they induce collagen production under the skin. This can lead to longer lasting results since natural collagen and volume are created. This may reduce the need for fillers in the future.


When you stop using filler, your face should go back to its natural state. The only times this is not the case is if aging was not accounted for during treatments, an injury occurred, or the area was continually overfilled. This is quite rare, especially when seeing a qualified provider.


In most cases, fillers will not cause you age to age faster. You will continue to age even with fillers, but as long as this is treated correctly during filler injections, it should not impact how quickly you age.

“Filler fatigue” is the term where areas formerly treated with filler may age faster or change their natural shape. This is often due to overfilling or incorrect techniques. It is important to discuss your goals with your injector. Then, they can help you choose the right filler, the right amount, and prevent a doughy aged look due to filler fatigue.


Fillers are fairly minimally invasive. Though, they do require some minor alterations in your daily routine to ensure good results and prevent complications. Some instructions your injector may give you after a filler treatment include:

  • Avoid exercise for a day or two
  • Do not touch the area unnecessarily
  • Skip your skincare and makeup for the rest of the day
  • Avoid alcohol for two to three days
  • Take acetaminophen based painkillers and not NSAIDs such as ibuprofen since these can worsen bruising and swelling

The Best Filler Injections In Sarasota With Dr. Alberico Sessa

Sarasota Surgical Arts is a leading cosmetic surgery office in Sarasota, Florida. Having served the area for over a decade, Dr. Sessa and the Sarasota Surgical Arts team are dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. Whether interested in cosmetic surgery, injections, or medical grade skincare, Sarasota Surgical Arts can help you look and feel your best. Sarasota Surgical Arts provides the best dermal filler injections in Sarasota.

Dr. Alberico Sessa is a renowned cosmetic surgeon and provider. He has over a decade of experience and has helped thousands of patients reach their cosmetic goals. To schedule a consultation, call us at 941-923-1736. You can also reach out online via the contact form, chat, or Price Simulator.