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Transaxillary Breast Augmentation


A Sarasota breast augmentation is a highly customizable procedure. Every breast augmentation patient requires different techniques to meet their goals and needs. Among one of the approaches to breast augmentation that Dr. Sessa is qualified to perform is the transaxillary method. This type of breast enhancement does not include scars on the breasts. Transaxillary breast augmentation can be favorable for patients with certain anatomical features or reconstruction cases. Dr. Sessa of Sarasota Surgical Arts offers transaxillary breast augmentation in Sarasota, Florida.


Transaxillary refers to the incision used to place breast implants during this type of breast enhancement. A transaxillary incision is made in the armpit and your choice of breast implant placed through the armpit. This most commonly used for submuscular placement, or where the implant sits under the chest wall.

Besides the placement of the incision, Dr. Sessa typically uses a similar surgical method to place the implants. It does not usually add surgical time and leads to similar results as other breast augmentation options.

Can All Breast Implants Be Inserted Through The Armpit?

Yes, it is a common myth that silicone and gummy bear implants cannot be placed through a transaxillary incision. However, this is not true. Saline implants do work best during a transaxillary operation because they are inserted unfilled. You can still choose silicone gel implants. While larger implants may not adequately fit through an armpit incision, most silicone implants are compatible with the transaxillary incision.

At your consultation with Dr. Sessa, you will discuss implant size and incision options. Based on your individual anatomy and goals, he can make a recommendation of the best technique for your breast augmentation in Sarasota.

Benefits Of Transaxillary Incision:

There are many benefits to the transaxillary method during a breast augmentation, especially for certain patients. A breast augmentation in general can enhance the size and shape of the breasts. This can lead to benefits like:

  • Fuller, rounder breasts
  • Correction of asymmetric breasts
  • Increased projection
  • Correction of tubular breasts
  • Reconstruction of breasts following mastectomy or tissue loss
  • Transgender transition

Along with the benefits you can expect after breast augmentation surgery, the transaxillary technique offers unique benefits such as:

  • No scarring on the breast
  • Keloid and other majoring scarring is rare in the armpit 
  • Less risk of damaging milk ducts and nipple sensation
  • Reduced chance of capsular contracture and rippling
  • Less risk of the implants “bottoming out”

For some individuals, the transaxillary method may offer the best option. While other patients may benefit from incisions such as the periareolar or inframammary breast augmentation incisions. After he conducts a physical examination, Dr. Sessa can help determine the best incision option for your Sarasota breast augmentation.

How Do I Choose The Best Incision?

As mentioned above, the best way to decide the incision location is to have a consultation at Sarasota Surgical Arts. However, certain aspects of your body may make one incision option better for you than others. The breast augmentation incision options and the situations they may be best for you include:

  • Transaxillary: The transaxillary incision is best for patients prone to scarring or who plan to breastfeed following breast augmentation. Additionally, for those with small areolas this incision may not be ideal. A transaxillary approach may better serve these patients


  • Periareolar: The periareolar incision consists of a semi-circle incision along the bottom of the areola. This incision often heals well and is hidden in this shift in color. This is a popular technique because it is easy to combine with other breast surgeries like a breast lift. For women looking to rejuvenate their breasts after children, like during a mommy makeover, this is a well tolerated method.


  • Inframammary: This incision is located in the natural fold where the breast meets the torso. Much like the transaxillary option, this has a relatively low chance of affecting the nipples or milk ducts. This type of incision also gives Dr. Sessa better access during surgery, so for certain cases, may be preferable. 


A less performed breast augmentation technique is the transumbilical breast augmentation. During this procedure, the incision is made at the belly button. While this method is not as commonly performed, it can be a perfectly safe and effective breast augmentation technique. However, this method is limited and can only accommodate saline implants.


Every patient’s breast augmentation journey is one-of-a-kind and individual. Women of all ages and backgrounds choose to have breast augmentation surgery in Sarasota to meet their cosmetic goals. The first step to achieving your breast augmentation goals is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sessa at Sarasota Surgical Arts.

The Consultation

At your consultation with Dr. Sessa, he will begin by gaining an understanding of your goals for your breasts. Allowing him to understand your desired look, will give you the best chance of securing the best possible results. Next, he will review your medical history and ask a few questions to ensure that you are a good candidate. 

Following this in depth conversation where Dr. Sessa aims to answer all your questions, he will perform a physical exam. This will allow him to evaluate the condition of your breast tissue, skin, and possible breast deformities. At this point, he will discuss the breast implant options, surgical methods, and other details of your breast augmentation in Sarasota.

After this, you can try on sizers that allow you to see the different implant size, shapes, and materials. This aids you in making the decision that best fits your goals.

Pre-Operative Appointment

A few weeks prior to your Sarasota breast augmentation, you will come in for your pre-operative appointment. During this visit, Dr. Sessa will review any required clearances and give you instructions to help you prepare for surgery. This may include discontinuing the use of certain medications, arrangements to make ahead of time, and what you should do the day of surgery.

This will also serve as a chance to confirm all of your surgery details like implant type and size. As well as the surgical techniques Dr. Sessa will use.

The Transaxillary Breast Augmentation Procedure

On the day of surgery, Dr. Sessa will make marks to guide him during surgery. These marks may include where he will make incisions. Although, he may also make marks elsewhere to keep your specific goals in mind. After this, a board certified anesthesiologist will place you under anesthesia and monitor you for the entire procedure.

Dr. Sessa will then make the incision in your armpit. The incision is usually around an inch in length and he uses advanced techniques to limit scarring. After creating the incision, he will create a pocket for the breast implant, either below or above the chest muscle. Placing the implant carefully to prevent complication, he will then suture the incision once the implant is well placed. Finally, he will repeat the procedure to place the second breast implant.

On average, the entire procedure takes around two hours. However, depending on the specifics of your implant or surgery, surgical time can be anywhere from one hour to four hours. 

Immediately Following Surgery

When you wake up from surgery, you will be taken to recovery. Dr. Sessa will give you detailed recovery instructions and you can see your immediate results. During recovery, Dr. Sessa and his team will ensure your body responded positively to surgery and monitor your health. Most patients leave within a few hours of their breast augmentation in Sarasota.


Recovering from a Sarasota transaxillary breast augmentation is similar to other breast surgery. Patients usually require rest for a day or two, but Dr. Sessa encourages getting up and walking to promote circulation. He will prescribe pain medication and an antibiotic. Due to the armpit incisions, you will need to avoid deodorant and shaving for at least two days following surgery. 

Like most other breast augmentations, Dr. Sessa will restrict lifting over ten pounds and most exercise for around two weeks. After these two weeks, most patients are clear to begin some exercise. Although, overly strenuous activities and heavy lifting will likely be prohibited for at least a month.

Breast augmentation patients can usually return to work within a week of surgery. However, this varies widely between patients and Dr. Sessa will closely monitor you and clear you for work. 

You will have at least one post-operative appointment to remove any drains placed. Dr. Sessa will monitor your progress for the few weeks following surgery. Staying in contact with Dr. Sessa will promote a healthy recovery, good result, and often allows return to work sooner.

How Visible Are The Scars?

Dr. Sessa uses precise technique to prevent scarring following a transaxillary breast augmentation in Sarasota. He will also give you directions on how to care for your incision and scar after treatment. Luckily, for patients prone to scarring, keloids rarely form in the armpit. 

Because it is in the armpit, scarring would only be visible when raising your arms. Dr. Sessa makes every effort to hide the incision in the natural creases of the armpit to make scarring nearly invisible.


Transaxillary breast augmentation requires specialized training and skill. Dr. Sessa at Sarasota Surgical Arts has refined his skills to become one of Sarasota’s best breast augmentation surgeons. He is an expert breast surgeon who has performed hundreds of successful breast augmentation surgeries. 

Sarasota Surgical Arts contains a friendly atmosphere, state-certified surgical center. You will never feel rushed or judged for your decision when seeking a breast augmentation in Sarasota. Dr. Sessa understands the many choices to make concerning your Sarasota cosmetic surgery and aims to serve you in any way.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Sessa at Sarasota Surgical Arts, call us at 941-923-1736 or contact us online.

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