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Breast Revision Sarasota


Breast augmentation patients are often extremely happy with their breast implants for years following their procedure. Occasionally, women may choose to upgrade their implants to a different type or size. In rarer cases, some patients may experience a complication or issue that requires breast implant removal. Regardless, a breast augmentation revision requires removing the breast implants and re-implanting new ones. This process needs a cosmetic surgeon familiar with breast revision surgeries like Dr. Alberico Sessa. Dr. Sessa performs hundreds of breast surgeries every year at his practice, Sarasota Surgical Arts. Sarasota Surgical Arts offers the best breast revision Sarasota provides.


A breast revision surgery can refer to a few different types of techniques and procedures. However, generally, a breast revision involves removal of a previously placed pair of breast implants and placing a new pair. This can also include a breast lift and other breast procedures. 

When Dr. Sessa removes breast implants and does not replace them, this is sometimes known as an en bloc breast implant removal. He typically uses the same technique for the first half of a Sarasota breast augmentation revision. Following this, the procedure is similar to the original breast augmentation.

Breast revision–even in a straightforward case–is always more complex than a traditional breast augmentation. This is primarily because of the presence of scar tissue and the stretching of your anatomy. Also, breast revision surgeries may involve a ruptured implant or capsular contracture which require more intricate surgical techniques.


There are many reasons a woman may seek out breast revision surgery in Sarasota. The motivations can include simply to exchange their breast implants for a different size or type, or due to a complication. Patients undergo breast revision surgery at various points after their breast augmentation. Some patients will exchange their breast implants after twenty years or more.

Motivations for breast revision surgery can include:

  • Upgrade breast implants to a different size or type
  • Switch from saline to silicone implants or vice versa
  • Correct natural breast sagging
  • Remedy changes that occurred due to changes in weight, pregnancy, or nursing
  • Treat capsular contracture
  • Move the breast implants from over the muscle to under the muscle
  • Remove a ruptured or deflated breast implant
  • Correct other rare complications such as double bubble or wrinkling
  • Poorly positioned or placed breast implants

Breast revision can be a personal decision, or one that becomes necessary. Whatever the case, Dr. Sessa is experienced in performing breast augmentation revision surgeries. He will consult with you to understand your unique case and recommend the best surgical technique for you.


Breast revision surgery in Sarasota carries many benefits and advantages. Many of the benefits are the same as the original surgery. However, depending on your case, you may find additional benefits. Among some of the benefits and advantages of breast revision are:

  • Exchange breast implants for a more preferred size, shape, or type
  • Correct changes in breast shape since the first breast augmentation
  • Original incision can often used
  • Recovery typically easier (unless implants are placed under the muscle the first time)
  • Can provide relief from capsular contracture symptoms, if present
  • Restoration of youthful and desired breast shape



At a consultation with Dr. Sessa, he will want to know about the concerns you have with your current breast implants. He may also inquire about the specifics of the previous surgery such as the incision location and type of implant. Next, he will review your relevant medical history. Finally, Dr. Sessa will conduct a physical exam to determine if a Sarasota breast revision will provide the results you want.

If Dr. Sessa believes you are a good candidate for breast revision, he will discuss his recommendations and the expected results. At this point, you will also have the opportunity to pick out new breast implants and receive a customized price quote.

Preparing For Surgery

Based on your health and the requirements of surgery, Dr. Sessa will provide instructions on how to prepare for breast revision. Firstly, he may request certain medical clearances. It is also common for Dr. Sessa to ask patients to stop smoking for several weeks before the surgery. Smoking puts patients at a higher risk of complications. Other instructions may include:

  • Temporarily ceasing the use of certain medications when possible
  • Obtaining records from your previous surgery
  • Arranging for a caregiver and ride home
  • Making other necessary arrangements for time off and childcare
  • Filling your prescriptions before surgery
  • Following Dr. Sessa’s instructions on when to last eat and drink before surgery


On the day of your surgery, you will come to Sarasota Surgical Arts’ state certified outpatient surgery center. The Sarasota Surgical Arts team will greet you and prepare you for surgery. This will involve changing into a surgical gown and taking your vitals. 

During the immediate time before surgery, Dr. Sessa will make surgical markings and review the surgery plan. After this, a certified anesthesia provider will place you under general anesthesia. 

Dr. Sessa will make incisions to remove your breast implants. Usually, he can utilize the previous incisions from the original breast augmentation. However, if you underwent a transaxillary or transumbilical procedure, this may not be possible or likely. The most common incision for breast revision is in the inframammary fold. 

Next, Dr. Sessa will remove your breast implants. In the case of capsular contracture, he will also remove the entire capsule of scar tissue. After the removal of your implants, Dr. Sessa may perform a breast lift or otherwise reposition breast tissue. This may not be necessary in all cases.

Finally, Dr. Sessa will place your new breast implants. If placing silicone breast implants, he will use a Keller funnel and the “no touch” method. This reduces the chances of capsular contracture and infection. This constitutes the most advanced method of breast surgery today.


Recovery following breast revision in Sarasota is typically easier than the initial breast augmentation surgery. This is because the skin and muscle has already stretched to accomodate your first pair of breast implants. If your previous implants were above the muscle, you may experience a more painful and longer recovery. This is fairly rare, however, because most breast implants are placed fully or partially under the muscle.

You will still need around a week off work and will follow many of the same instructions as the previous surgery. Strenuous exercise and lifting more than ten pounds will likely be restricted for four to six weeks. Light exercise and most daily activities can resume after two weeks.

Dr. Sessa will prescribe medication to manage pain and prevent infection. Following Dr. Sessa’s postoperative instructions will lead to an easier recovery, reduce chances of complications, and promote a better result.


What Is Capsular Contracture? Is Revision The Only Way To Fix It?

Capsular contracture is a condition where scar tissue forms a hard mass around the breast implant. This can occur on one or both sides. Scar tissue formation around the breast implant is normal, however, during capsular contracture, the scar tissue becomes thick and hard. In minor cases, this may cause few or no symptoms and not require a revision. In more severe cases, capsular contracture can cause pain and distort the look of your breasts.

Treatment for capsular contracture depends on the severity of the condition. When it is painful and greatly distorting the look and feel of your breasts, breast revision surgery may be necessary. However, when it is only minor, certain ultrasound therapies may reduce capsular contracture. Occasionally, certain minor surgeries may also address capsular contracture.

Do I Need To Get A Revision If My Implants Are Old?

A common misconception that women must replace their breast implants every 10 years continues to persist. This causes many women with no reason or want for a revision to seek it out. If you still like your breast implants and they are causing no problems, there is no reason to seek a breast revision.

How Long After Augmentation Should I Wait Before Getting A Breast Revision?

Cosmetic surgery results–including breast augmentation results–takes at least nine months to one year to fully settle. This includes your anatomy stretching and settling into their new positions, and the breast implants dropping. Dr. Sessa will usually recommend waiting at least after your original breast augmentation surgery before undergoing a revision. Generally, the only exception is in the rare cause of a complication like contracture.

Can I Use My Original Incision?

Most of the time, yes. The only incision unable to reuse for a breast revision is a transumbilical (through the belly button) incision. A transaxillary incision is also difficult to use for breast revision, though it is not always impossible depending on the specifics. At your consultation, Dr. Sessa will discuss the possibility of using your original incision and if it is advisable.

What Is The Cost Of A Breast Augmentation Revision?

The cost of a breast revision will vary widely based on what is necessary for the results you want. To find the starting prices of our breast procedures, you can visit our Price Simulator™ and price list. Dr. Sessa will provide a more accurate price after he can evaluate your unique situation during a consultation.


Finding a breast revision surgeon can be a stressful endeavor, especially when experiencing capsular contracture. Dr. Alberico Sessa at Sarasota Surgical Arts is a cosmetic surgeon with over a decade of experience who performs breast surgeries every week. Using advanced techniques and refined expertise, Dr. Sessa provides the best breast revison Sarasota offers. 

Sarasota Surgical Arts is located minutes away from Siesta Key beach. It consists of a state-certified surgical center and luxurious treatment rooms that priortize patient safety and comfort. Dr. Sessa keeps Sarasota Surgical Arts up to date with the newest technology to best serve his patients.

To learn more about your breast revision options and schedule a consultation, call us at 941-923-1736. You can also contact us online via our Price Simulator™, chat, or contact form submission.

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