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Neck Lift Osprey

Necklift Osprey Florida 

Many aspects of life are often challenging on our skin, and as we age, the years of experience can start appearing on the face and neck. The neck can hold years of life and is often one of the first areas that wrinkles and sag as we age. This can cause unwanted cosmetic difficulties, significantly when the side profile is heavily affected by the structure of our neck. 

At Sarasota Surgical Arts, Dr. Alberico Sessa offers the leading neck lift surgeries in Osprey, Florida. Dr. Sessa has performed thousands of incredible neck lifts, bringing complete rejuvenation and vibrance back to patients’ lives. 


Understanding A Neck Lift? 

A neck lift is used not only for those who have experienced massive weight loss or weight gain, as both of these issues can contribute to overhanging skin around the neck but for any patient experiencing significant signs of agoing around the jaw and neck. An Osprey neck lift eliminates the soft skin that hangs around the neck and tightens the profile and shape of the neckline.

Dr. Sessa often combines his neck lift with liposuction to create an added contrast to the neck and lift the jawline. A neck lift creates a young, beautiful profile for every patient. 


Why Get An Osprey Neck Lift?

A neck lift can create a new side profile and bring out the striking outline of a patient’s neckline. It can reverse signs of aging, bring vitality back to loose or sinking skin, and contour the jaw and neck. An Osprey neck lift provides more benefits, such as: 

  • Stunning side profile 
  • Well-defined jawline 
  • Eliminates the appearance of a double-chin 
  • Tightens overhanging skin underneath the chin 
  • Gets rid of extreme neck wrinkles 
  • Shapes the neckline 
  • Provides incredible lift to the under chin and jaw 
  • Increased sense of self-worth and confidence 
  • Performed by a leading Osprey neck lift surgeon

Dr. Sessa understands how important it is for patients to feel like their best selves and how essential confidence can be to physical health. This is why he has dedicated decades to creating incredible results for every patient.


Risks Of A Neck Lift

A neck lift has risks, but this is normal with every cosmetic procedure. Working with a skilled cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Sessa is one of the best steps to reduce any risk associated with the surgery. Some risks include: 

  • Infection or bleeding 
  • Pronounced scarring 
  • Complications with the nerves and skin 
  • Swelling 
  • Bruising 
  • Prolonged healing 

Dr. Sessa takes all the essential steps to ensure each patient is safe to go through this transformative surgery.

Osprey Neck Lift Procedure Process 

Thousands of cosmetic surgeons provide neck lifts in the Osprey, FL area. However, none are exceptionally detail-oriented or skilled, as Dr. Sessa. Through his detailed skill and insightful precision, he knows what every neck lift should look like for each individual patient.

The Consultation 

Dr. Sessa will start the neck lift process with a consultation. This thorough discussion will help him determine if you are an ideal patient for the surgery and what your overall goals look like. If you are healthy and have realistic expectations of the outcome, a neck lift, Osprey, may be right for you. 

Dr. Sessa will provide specific instructions for both before and after the surgery and walk you through the details of the procedure. No one should be surprised by the information, so Dr. Sessa ensures every patient feels confident and comfortable with their aesthetic neck lift. 

Neck Lift Procedure 

Patients will arrive at the stunning surgery center on the day of the procedure. You will be placed under general anesthesia before the surgery begins. Dr. Sessa often begins a neck lift with liposuction. This eliminates fat pockets and tissue that can interfere with tissue removal. It also helps by creating a sleek, sculpted outline to the neck and jaw. 

He will remove the extra, overhanging skin from around the neck, jawline, and chin using small incisions around the ears. A neck lift is often combined with other surgeries like a facelift, but the surgery lasts around two hours on its own.

Neck Lift Recovery 

Recovery from an Osprey neck lift looks different for every patient. Everybody responds differently to surgery, and every healing rate is individual. How you treat and care for your body before and after the surgery also plays a critical role in the speed and quality of healing. However, Dr. Sessa provides detailed instructions for every neck lift patient. These instructions may include: 

  • Take prescribed pain or antibiotic medication 
  • Wear the provided compression garment until Dr. Sessa removes it 
  • Use ice packs to aid with swelling (be gentle)  
  • Do not shower until at least twenty-four hours after the procedure 
  • Rest and get plenty of sleep 
  • Avoid harmful substances like nicotine and tobacco at least four weeks before and after surgery 
  • Rest with your head in an elevated position 
  • Wear comfortable shirts that are button-up so you can avoid lifting them over your neck 
  • Plan for taking time off of work
  • Wait to return to work and daily routine until Dr. Sessa clears you 

A neck lift recovery doesn’t have to be a complex process. If you follow all instructions and care for your body, you can have an easier healing journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are The Scars From A Neck Lift Bad? 

The incisions used during an Osprey neck lift are tiny and typically heal well. Additionally, the scars are in easily concealed locations, under the chin, and behind the ears. Dr. Sessa can also provide scar cream to help promote good scar healing.

Am I Too Old For A Neck Lift? 

A wide range of patients undergo a neck lift and a myriad of reasons to do so. Patients from their mid-twenties to their early seventies undergo a neck lift. The qualifying factors are your health and the cosmetic concern you want to address. There is no right or wrong age to get an Osprey neck lift, as it has improved many patients’ lives.   


What Does A Neck Lift Cost, Osprey Fl? 

At Sarasota Surgical Arts, Dr. Sessa charges $8,500 for a female neck lift and $10,000 for a male neck lift. While other cosmetic surgeons may have more competitive prices, the neck is a delicate location that requires precision and expert technique. Dr. Sessa puts in the extra work, time, and expertise required to perform successful, stunning neck lifts. 


The Best Neck Lift Surgeon In Osprey, Florida 

Dr. Alberico Sessa provides the top neck lifts in Osprey, Florida. He achieves this success through decades of training and experience. His neck lifts go further than most through his added surgical techniques and attention to specific needs. For those who want to change their life and bring vibrance back into their appearance, an Osprey neck lift may be the perfect solution. 

For more information, contact our cosmetic surgery center to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Sessa. Call our office at 941-923-1736 and speak with our friendly staff. We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.