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Tummy Tuck, Cape Coral, Florida

Tummy Tuck, Cape Coral, Florida 

By now, you’ve probably heard of a tummy tuck or may even know someone who underwent the surgery. Interest in cosmetic surgery has risen in recent years due to the stigma behind it slowly fading from public opinion. (And thank goodness for that because seriously, what’s wrong with wanting to feel and look your best?) But is a tummy tuck really worth the trouble? 

At Sarasota Surgical Arts, Dr. Alberico Sessa has performed hundreds of successful tummy tucks and helped patients achieve their goals. We know that looks are not the most important thing in life; confidence in your appearance is a great boost. So, is a tummy tuck worth the trouble? We’ll discuss the details and let you decide.

A Brief Overview 

A tummy tuck, Cape Coral, is essentially a skin and fat removal surgery that creates a contoured and sleek appearance around your midsection. We know that there are hundreds of workout routines, diets, and supplements that promise to help you lose any unwanted weight around your stomach. But oftentimes, no amount of crunches is going to change excess skin around your stomach, as it doesn’t respond to working out or eating a balanced diet. 

Life changes (like the miracle of life) can stretch the skin around the stomach. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting it removed, either.  And a lot of these changes (whether you lost weight or became an awesome mom) don’t respond to traditional methods. That’s where a tummy tuck, Cape Coral, comes in. 

What Does A Tummy Tuck Do?

We all know the main point of a tummy tuck is to remove the excess skin and fat around your stomach. But a tummy tuck, Cape Coral, actually has many other benefits you may have never heard of. (Or maybe you have, but just go with it.) There are many kinds of tummy tuck surgeries that hold varying benefits and results, so you can find a customized approach. A tummy tuck can provide benefits such as: 


  • A sleek and smooth stomach 
  • Removes large amounts of skin and fat around your stomach 
  • Can get rid of cesarean scars 
  • Extensive methods that are great for those who have lost large amounts of weight 
  • Repairs weakened abdominal muscles (that can happen during childbirth) 
  • Repairs split abdominal muscles (that can also happen during childbirth) 
  • Performed by one of the top  tummy tuck surgeons in Cape Coral, Florida 

Are There Risks?  

There are always risks when it comes to surgery of any kind. While a tummy tuck is considered safe, you should still know the risks so you can make the best decision. Before we discuss the risk, it’s essential to know that the best way to avoid risk is to use an experienced and knowledgeable provider. (Don’t just pick the cheapest option. You can do that on Amazon, but not with surgery.) Risks of a tummy tuck include: 

  • Difficulty with healing
  • Scarring
  • Skin necrosis 
  • Nerve damage 
  • Bleeding or clotting 
  • Uneven healing  (asymmetry) 
  • Bad reaction to the anesthesia 

Complications during a tummy tuck, Cape Coral, are rare but are still something to be aware of. When you choose a provider (like Dr. Sessa), you can avoid major risks and have a successful, smooth surgery. 

Types Of Tummy Tucks

There are many kinds of Cape Coral tummy tucks that have different results for different circumstances. Whether you want to need a small correction in your lower abdomen or a full skin removal across your torso, there is a solution for any need you may have. Let’s look at the different types of Fort Myers tummy tucks and what they provide. 

Fleur-De-Lis Tummy Tuck

The fleur-de-lis tummy tuck is the most extensive surgical method that provides the largest amount of skin and fat removal. Named for the horizontal and vertical scars that resemble a fleur-de-lis, this tummy tuck, Cape Coral, is the best option for those who have had serious weight loss. 

See, the fleur-de-lis tummy tuck doesn’t just remove skin and fat from the abdomen; it removes it from the hips, back, buttocks, and bra line. It also works to repair split abdominal muscles if you need it. It helps you reclaim your body and show off the incredible weight loss you’ve achieved. 

Extended Tummy Tuck

The extended tummy tuck is a step down from the fleur-de-lis but still provides comprehensive skin and fat removal. It’s often used for those who have lost weight (maybe not as much, but a decent amount) and covers the abdomen and sides for a beautiful, contoured waistline. The extended tummy tuck scars are the same as traditional ones, except they extend around the lower panty line in order to reach the skin and fat around the hips. 

It can also help heal split or weakened abdominal muscles and get rid of cesarean scars. This is great if you want to highlight your silhouette around your middle and lower abdomen while getting rid of excess around your hips. 

Traditional Tummy Tuck

A traditional tummy tuck, Cape Coral, is the most common method used and helps you redefine your abdomen. It’s less in-depth than the fleur-de-lis and extended tummy tuck but perfect for those who want a moderate amount of skin and fat removal. 

It’s commonly performed on those who want to reduce stretch marks, get rid of sagging skin around their middle, and even eliminate cesarean scars. The recovery is less intense than that of the above surgeries but still requires downtime and rest.

Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck, Cape Coral, is the least extensive surgery of all the types of abdominoplasties. Its main focus is on the lower abdomen, where minimal amounts of skin and fat have developed. It’s great if you’re looking to eliminate a “belly pooch” and want to achieve a flatter, more contoured lower waist. 


Is A Recovery From A Tummy Tuck Painful?

Recovering from a tummy tuck can be uncomfortable at times, but you will be prescribed medication to make this process much easier. Dr. Sessa has many recovery steps for you so you can have an easier process. The most important part of any recovery is rest. You will want to have someone help you with basic things around the house for the first few weeks so you can recover easily.

How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost In Cape Coral, FL?

The cost of a tummy tuck in Cape Coral, Florida, depends on the provider you choose. However, when it comes to a tummy tuck (or any cosmetic surgery, for that matter), the cheapest option is not always the best. At Sarasota Surgical Arts, the cost of a tummy tuck starts at $7,500 and goes up depending on the method used.

Can A Tummy Tuck Be Combined With Other Procedures?

Yes, a tummy tuck can be easily combined with other procedures, like a breast augmentation or breast lift. In fact, a tummy tuck is often one of the surgeries included in a mommy makeover! A tummy tuck, Cape Coral, can also include liposuction if you need more fat removal to achieve your goals.

Tummy Tuck In Cape Coral, Florida

When you choose Dr. Sessa for your tummy tuck, you can expect more than a successful surgery; you can expect guidance and help through every step of the journey. A successful cosmetic surgery is more than just a procedure; it requires dedication, expertise, and precision from beginning to end. Dr. Sessa at Sarasota Surgical Arts provides the most comprehensive care for your tummy tuck goals.