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Breast Augmentation With Lift Sarasota


Cosmetic breast surgery, as some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, can make a large impact on overall appearance. Breast implants, breast lifts, and breast reductions can all dramatically change body proportions. Occasionally, patients will undergo a combination of breast procedures, the most common of which is a breast augmentation with lift. Sarasota Surgical Arts provides the highest standard of breast surgery and the best breast augmentation with lift Sarasota offers.


Breast augmentation with lift is a combination of a breast augmentation and a breast lift. It adds volume to the breasts, normally utilizing breast implants, and corrects sagging breasts. Loss of breast volume, especially after having children and breastfeeding, can cause sagging breasts. These two factors combined can lead women to seek out a breast augmentation with lift to restore lost breast tissue while obtaining perkier breasts.

A breast augmentation with lift is a highly individualized procedure that Dr. Sessa caters to each patient. With many breast implant options available for breast augmentation and varying techniques for breast lifts, each surgery looks different.

Breast Augmentation Options:

Modern technology continues to revolutionize breast implants and different methods for breast augmentation in Sarasota. Dr. Sessa is an expert breast surgeon who is capable of performing every breast augmentation technique.

During breast augmentation with lift surgery, the most common augmentation method utilized is breast implants. Breast implants have many size, shape, and type options to choose from.

Saline Breast Implants:

Saline breast implants consist of a silicone shell that Dr. Sessa fills with sterile salt water during surgery. The breast implants are filled to the desired size. Saline breast implants are still commonly placed, but have largely fallen out of favor due to silicone breast implants. However, saline breast implants can have benefits for certain people.

Both saline and silicone breast implants come in different shapes, profiles, and sizes. Depending on each patient’s goals and anatomy, the varying options allow patients to explore all possible breast augmentation results.

Sarasota saline breast augmentation may provide advantages for or like:

  • Patients younger than 22 who desire breast enhancement
  • Women who already have a good amount of breast tissue
  • More flexible volume
  • Can provide a firmer feeling breast that some patients prefer
  • In rare event of a rupture, it is usually immediately evident
  • Typically require smaller incisions

Silicone Breast Implants:

Most breast augmentation surgeries in Sarasota utilize silicone breast implants. Women tend to gravitate towards silicone breast implants because they tend to offer a more natural look and feel. 

Sarasota silicone breast augmentation may offer benefits for or like:

  • Petite patients
  • Patients without much breast tissue
  • Patients who have lost significant amounts of breast volume
  • More natural look and feel
  • Less likely to ripple or wrinkle

Gummy Bear Breast Implants:

Sarasota gummy bear breast implants are a type of silicone breast implant that is made of a cohesive gel. The gel is notable because it sticks to itself. The consistency is comparable to that of a gummy bear candy. Many patients who choose gummy bear implants find that they provide the most natural and looking results. The unique anatomical shape that gummy bear breast implants can come in, mirror the natural slope of the breast.

Sarasota gummy bear breast implants may provide benefits for or like:

  • Less likely to cause wrinkling or rippling
  • Lower complication and capsular contracture rates
  • Known to shift less than other breast implant types
  • Lower rupture rates
  • In rare event of a rupture, the cohesive silicone gel is more likely to stick together and less likely to leak
A Before and After photo of a Breast Augmentation with Lift Plastic Surgery by Dr. Alberico Sessa in Sarasota
Before & After

Sarasota Breast Lift Options:

Dr. Sessa can use many techniques for a breast lift in Sarasota. The type of breast lift and approach he uses for your breast lift surgery will depend on many factors including your goals, amount of breast ptosis, and the causes of breast sagging. 

The three most common approaches to a breast lift include the anchor incision, lollipop incision, and doughnut incision. Dr. Sessa can determine the breast lift incision necessary for your procedure during a thorough consultation at Sarasota Surgical Arts.  


The anchor breast lift incision–while the largest breast lift incision–allows for the most dramatic results. This is because Dr. Sessa can remove more of the skin and tissue contributing to the sag. The incision circles the nipple, goes down the breast to the inframammary fold, and extends across the inframammary fold as necessary. The shape of the incision resembles an anchor as the name implies.


A lollipop incision follows the same path as an anchor incision, however, it does spread into the inframammary fold. Circling the nipple and extending down the breast, the incision looks like a lollipop. It offers Dr. Sessa a more limited opportunity to correct breast sagging. In cases of mild or moderate sagging, the lollipop incision may be an adequate breast lift option.


A doughnut breast lift incision only encircles the nipple. This method is best for patients who have sagging nipples or minor sagging. For patients with large breasts or those with more sagging, this technique will likely not yield the best results. For women who need only a small breast lift, this is a great breast lift to combine with a breast augmentation.


The first step to obtaining the best breast augmentation with lift Sarasota offers is a consultation with Dr. Alberico Sessa. At this consultation, Dr. Sessa will inquire about your medical history, lifestyle, and goals for surgery. He will also conduct a physical examination to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

If Dr. Sessa believes you could benefit from a breast augmentation with lift, you will receive a price quote for the procedure. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Preparing For Surgery

Prior to surgery, Dr. Sessa will provide detailed pre-operative instructions. This includes how to prepare the day of surgery and lifestyle changes to make in the weeks before the procedure. Pre-operative instructions can vary by patient, but may include instructions like:

  • Wearing loose fitting clothing on surgery day
  • Refraining from eating and drinking for eight hours before surgery
  • Discontinuing the use of certain medications or supplements
  • Beginning the use of prescribed medications or supplements
  • Arranging a caregiver, a place to stay, or childcare 

Breast Augmentation With Lift By Dr. Sessa

Dr. Sessa will begin your breast augmentation with lift by making the breast lift incision. Utilizing this incision, he will remove the extra skin and tissue to correct the breast sag. Depending on your needs, he may also move the nipple position to better match the new look of your breasts. 

Next, Dr. Sessa will place the chosen Sarasota breast implants. It is usually possible to use the breast lift incision to place the breast implants. Using the no-touch method, Dr. Sessa reduces the chances of capsular contracture and other complications. 

Once the breast implants are placed and in position, Dr. Sessa will close the incisions and dress them. Following this, you will slowly begin to wake up from anesthesia.

Breast Augmentation With Lift Recovery

Once you go home after your breast augmentation with lift in Sarasota, your caregiver should care for you for 24 hours. Dr. Sessa will also prescribe medications to manage pain and prevent infection.

You should notice some immediate change in the look of your breasts. They will likely look larger and lifted. The final results will take several months to settle in. Normal side effects you can expect include swelling, bruising, pain, general discomfort, redness, and itchiness. These side effects should subside within a week or so.

Most breast augmentation with lift patients return to work within a week, depending upon the activity level of the job. Dr. Sessa will restrict strenuous exercise for at least two weeks. Heavy lifting will likely be restricted for a month or more. Patients can expect to return to nearly all of their daily activities within two weeks.

A Before and After Photo of a Breast Augmentation With Lift Plastic Surgery by Dr. Alberico Sessa in Sarasota, FL
Before & After


Combining cosmetic surgery procedures is usually safe in healthy people. Choosing to undergo a breast lift and breast augmentation at the same time offers many benefits such as:

  • Undergoing general anesthesia once versus multiple times
  • Recover from both procedures simultaneously, decreasing overall recovery time
  • Only one recovery period required off work
  • Often more cost effective
  • Usually provides better results

How Do I Know If I Need A Breast Lift?

The only way to know if you require a breast lift is to consult with an experienced breast surgeon like Dr. Sessa. However, breast ptosis is often noticeable. If your nipple dips below the breast crease, a breast lift would likely be necessary to achieve your goals. Dr. Sessa’s trained eye can spot pseudoptosis or mild breast sagging cases that breast implants could worsen. This allows him to achieve the best result from your Sarasota breast augmentation.


Sarasota Surgical Arts is a premier cosmetic surgery practice that specializes in breast procedures. Dr. Alberico Sessa is a renowned surgeon who trained specifically in minimal incision cosmetic breast surgery. He constantly updates his techniques and practice to adapt to the most advanced technology in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Sessa is dedicated to obtaining natural looking results and takes pride in delivering individualized care to every patient. Every surgery Dr. Sessa performs is catered to fit the patient’s body and goals. 

To schedule a consultation at Sarasota Surgical Arts, call us at 941-923-1736. You can also contact us online via chat, contact form, or our Price Simulator™ app.