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Brazilian Butt Lift BBL

Brazilian Butt Lift, also known as BBL, in Sarasota, FL

For many people, a curvy, toned butt is a dream that’s difficult to reach naturally. Some people simply aren’t able to achieve sculpted buttocks through diet and exercise alone. With the help of cosmetic surgery, however, patients can reach their goal of a full and curvy butt. Sarasota Brazilian butt lift specialist and board-certified cosmetic surgeon Alberico J. Sessa, MD can help patients reach their aesthetic goals by performing this popular cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance and contour the buttocks.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure designed to shape and augment the buttocks, typically using the patient’s own fat. The buttocks are an extension of the upper legs and are often shaped proportionately to this area of the body. Some people have naturally lean legs, while others may carry extra weight in this area. This may correspond to a small, firm backside or one that is larger but less curved.

Even with lifestyle modifications, many people are unable to shape their buttocks to attain the coveted full, sculpted look. Dr. Sessa performs the Brazilian butt lift to create long term buttock curves and enhance his patients’ silhouettes. Surgeons can perform buttock augmentation with implants, though the preferred technique requires autologous fat transfer for a more natural look and feel.

Why Choose a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Patients who want a curvy backside and small waist may go to great efforts to achieve their goals, eating a specialized diet coupled with a tailored fitness routine, only to be disappointed by their results. This is typically not their fault—it is often a function of their genetics and body type. In part, our DNA dictates fat storage patterns and muscle formation.  Together, they contribute to the size and shape of our buttocks. In some cases, weight loss may lead to sagging skin in the buttocks area.

Here, in the south, women and men tend to wear less clothing to stay cool in the subtropical climate. Many residents around south-central Florida often find themselves at the beach in Sarasota, wearing revealing bathing suits. Those with flat or small buttocks may feel self-conscious about their shape when wearing skimpier clothing. By adding volume to the butt, Dr. Sessa can create a shapely, perky appearance and help patients feel more confident in any situation.

Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift

When patients choose a Brazilian butt lift with fat grafting, they opt for a version of the procedure that uses their own fat cells. Implants and other synthetic fillers can lead to rejection, which occurs when the immune system attacks what it perceives as a foreign body. This can cause scar tissue to form or other reactions to occur. The body recognizes its own fat, however, and will therefore not react to its placement in the buttocks.

When fat is suctioned away from donor sites like the stomach and thighs to provide material for grafting, these areas are contoured to appear slightly slimmer. This has the added benefit of helping the patient look great while emphasizing the new contours of the buttocks. In many cases, the harvesting process can help patients achieve the hourglass figure they desire. Patients rarely notice any visible scars following the procedure.

A Brazilian butt lift can balance out a top-heavy frame, create a more youthful shape, and restore the buttocks to their former size and shape after pregnancy or major weight loss. The procedure can also allow slim individuals to maintain their figure, with the added benefit of enjoying new curves in preferred areas like the buttocks. Many patients comment that clothing has a more flattering fit, and that they are also more confident when wearing less clothing.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation

Prospective Brazilian butt lift patients should know that Dr. Sessa requires an entire medical and surgical history from each patient for their free consultation to ensure their safety and optimal results. After reviewing the patient’s charts, the doctor will perform an exam to determine if butt augmentation is the best option.

In cases where a patient does not have enough fat to spare to undergo a Brazilian butt lift, the doctor may recommend gaining up to 20 pounds so that there is tissue available for the procedure. Because the patient is supplying the fat, simple lifestyle modifications can help him or her to become eligible for the procedure. Rarely, implants may be suggested as an alternative.

Dr. Sessa may also recommend other procedures, like breast augmentation in female patients who want to enhance their figure and create an hourglass shape. The doctor will go over how he performs the procedure, and how the patient can prepare for surgery, as well as what to expect during recovery. Dr. Sessa is board-certified and often performs procedures out of his cosmetic surgery center in Sarasota.

How is a Brazilian Butt Lift Performed?

Dr. Sessa performs Brazilian butt lift procedures at his safe and comfortable Sarasota, FL, cosmetic surgery center. Fat transfers, including the Brazilian butt lift procedure, are performed under anesthesia, to ensure that patients are comfortable and pain-free during the procedure. Dr. Sessa can discuss anesthesia options during the initial consultation appointment.

To start the procedure, Dr. Sessa removes fat from donor sites using liposuction techniques. Generally, Dr. Sessa has the best success when suctioning fat cells from areas like the abdomen, sides, and lower back.

During the harvesting phase, Dr. Sessa will suction away more fat than is necessary to complete the Brazilian butt lift. This is done for two reasons. First, because during the purification process, some fat will be discarded. Second, not all of the fat that makes it through purification will survive the grafting process long term. A cosmetic surgeon will typically overfill the buttocks area somewhat to compensate for this. Thus, extra fat is needed.

The fat is then purified so that only the most viable cells are used for the transfer. This usually involves processing the fat with a centrifuge, rinsing it in saline or another sterile solution, or manually modifying it with instruments. Once he treats the tissue, Dr. Sessa will either inject it into the buttocks, or place it through a reverse-liposuction technique. He may place small sutures to complete the procedure.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Because Dr. Sessa performs the Brazilian butt lift under anesthesia, patients should arrange a ride home after discharge from outpatient surgery. The patient may experience bruising, swelling, and soreness at the liposuction sites and in the buttocks area, but patients can control these side effects with medications.

Once home, patients will typically want to sleep as the anesthesia wears off. The doctor may recommend sleeping positions on the side or stomach to avoid too much manipulation of the buttocks. A cold compress may speed up a patient’s recovery, and at the very least, control some of the swelling and discomfort. Patients may need to postpone strenuous activity and avoid sitting directly on the buttocks for several weeks.


Are butt implants a good option for augmentation?

Some doctors use buttock implants, which are typically inserted through incisions hidden in the crease where each buttock meets the thigh. Because of shifting and other possible complications, however, the preferred method for enhancement is autologous fat transfer or fat grafting.

Will my buttocks feel different after they have been altered?

Initially, patients may notice some swelling and discomfort. However, because the tissue is their own, they should not feel as though their buttocks are artificial or foreign to their body following the healing process. To the touch, the buttocks may feel softer and fuller.

Are There Non-Surgical Options?

Yes, non-surgical Brazilian butt lifts do exist. Usually, these procedures inject Sculptra to create a larger butt and promote collagen production in the area. It should be noted that non-surgical BBLs do not provide the same dramatic results that a traditional surgical BBL can.

Will my butt look large enough following surgery?

Sarasota cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sessa will explain what patients should expect after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift. He may opt to overfill the buttocks with fat so that enough viable tissue remains long term, providing the desired size and shape.

How long is the healing period after a Brazilian butt lift?

Dr. Sessa’s patients generally require 5-7 days of downtime after a Brazilian butt lift. Depending on how well the patient tolerates the liposuction procedure, patients may need to limit physical activity for a few weeks.

Why is breast augmentation sometimes recommended alongside a Brazilian butt lift?

When performed together, buttock augmentation and breast augmentation can achieve the patient’s desired proportions. They create an hourglass shape, slim waist, and balance the body. Some women desire a curvier frame not achieved without surgical intervention.

Male patients may opt to undergo additional sculpting procedures, like additional laser liposuction to improve the contouring surrounding the newly sculpted buttocks.

About Dr. Sessa

Alberico J. Sessa, M.D. practices out of Sarasota Surgical Arts in Sarasota, FL. He is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, dedicated to creating natural-looking aesthetic changes for patients seeking a range of procedures, including body contouring and more. Contact Dr. Sessa’s Sarasota office at 941-923-1736 to schedule a consultation and learn more about the Brazilian butt lift.