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Lower Body Lift Sarasota

Lower Body Lift Sarasota

Extra skin appears on the body for several reasons. The two most common are age and weight loss. Both age and weight loss can cause sagging around the body, including in the lower body. Large amounts of extra skin can disguise the true look and contours of one’s body. Therefore, removing the excess skin often allows patients to go down several clothing sizes and see their new body for the first time. Many procedures can achieve this, but the one that treats the largest body area is the lower body lift. Dr. Alberico Sessa at Sarasota Surgical Arts offers the best lower body lift Sarasota provides.

Treatment Areas

The standard treatment areas of a lower body lift typically include the abdomen, buttocks, flanks, and lower back. Occasionally, depending on the patient’s needs and desires, a lower body lift could also address the upper and/or inner thighs, mid back, and waist. Sometimes Dr. Sessa may also be able to perfect an upper body procedure at the same time such as an arm lift or breast augmentation.

Overview: What Is A Lower Body Lift?

A lower body lift–sometimes referred to as a belt lipectomy–is a cosmetic surgery that removes extra skin in a 360° fashion from the lower body. This is especially effective for people who have lost a significant amount of weight. While the skin does contract with weight loss, when a person loses a massive amount of their body weight, the skin simply cannot snap back completely, even in a young, healthy person. This is common after bariatric surgery.

Therefore, using a circumferential incision, a lower body lift removes this skin and reveals the body’s true contours. This often results in patients going down multiple clothing sizes. The procedure is viable for both men and women. While a minimal amount of fat is removed, other procedures can be performed alongside it for the best results.

 Dr. Sessa is one of the top body contouring surgeons in Florida. With two decades of experience performing lower body lifts, tummy tucks, thigh lifts, and more, he offers the highest quality and standard of care for your Sarasota lower body lift.


A lower body lift comes with many benefits and advantages. Patients seeking a lower body lift have many motivations and therefore will see varying benefits. Some of these advantages and benefits can include:

  • Flatter stomach and thinner looking physique
  • Removal of extra skin and fat pockets
  • Firmer body contours
  • Tightens loose, inelastic, and sagging skin
  • Address wrinkled skin on the body
  • Often a final step in a weight loss journey
  • Incisions placed where clothing and undergarments will usually cover
  • Dramatic results due to the large areas treated
  • Increased confidence and mental health
  • Ability to see the full extent of weight loss success
  • Treat and correct an aging body
  • Go down several clothing sizes (varies from patient to patient)
  • Customized for every patient as needed
  • Performed by an experienced and certified surgeon

Procedures Often Included In A Lower Body Lift

As previously mentioned, a lower body lift is customized for each patient based upon their anatomy, current body contours, medical history, age, and surgical goals. During your consultation, Dr. Sessa will discuss all of these factors with you and help you discover what the ideal procedure looks like for you. Below are just some of the procedures sometimes included in a lower body lift surgery in Sarasota.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is almost always performed with a lower body lift. Consisting of the initial hip to hip incision, Dr. Sessa will remove excess skin on the abdomen and may also perform liposuction to improve the overall contours. This addresses the abdomen and the first half of a lower body lift.

Traditional Buttock Lift

A traditional butt lift is a skin removal surgery comparable to a tummy tuck. It involves an incision where the buttocks and back meet. A butt lift removes extra skin and lifts the buttocks to address sagginess. The procedure may also address the flanks and lower back in some cases. This usually accounts for the other 180° of the 360° incision. The butt lift and tummy tuck incisions may or may not meet depending on the surgery plan.

Muscle Plication

Muscle plication is a technique often performed with a tummy tuck. Though, not every tummy tuck patient will need or benefit from muscle plication. Muscle plication corrects diastasis recti which is where some of the abdominal muscles become lax and separated. This can occur after pregnancy, weight changes, injury, or even just with age. While not dangerous, it can cause the stomach to take on a pooch appearance.

Muscle plication uses a series of horizontal sutures moving in a vertical direction to bring the muscles back together and tighten them. This can help enhance the results of a tummy tuck or lower body lift.


Liposuction is a non-invasive procedure that sucks out small pockets of stubborn fat from around the body. It can be performed nearly anywhere a person may carry extra fat. Often with age or weight loss, fat may collect in certain places, or be more stubborn in some places versus others. Liposuction can help remove these fat deposits for a more proportionate body contour.

Thigh Lift

During the butt lift portion of a lower body lift, the thighs may naturally see some enhancement. However, some patients may have additional excess or loose skin on their thighs that they want to remove. A thigh lift can usually be added to a lower body lift to create thinner looking thighs, create a thigh gap, and remove unnecessary skin.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift is a type of buttock enhancement surgery that involves creating larger buttocks and correcting shape abnormalities. This is achieved via fat transfer. Fat is liposuctioned from one or multiple parts of the body and then transferred into the buttocks. In some patients, this may be viable during their lower body lift. For others, Dr. Sessa may recommend during a BBL after you have recovered from your lower body lift.

Lower Body Lift Surgery And Recovery

Every lower body lift will look different based on a patient’s unique needs. However, you can expect a 360° incision (or nearly 360° scar) around the lower body. Dr. Sessa will remove extra skin, potentially small pockets of fat, and tighten the overall body contours. On average, this will take between four and six hours of surgical time.

Before going home, Dr. Sessa and his team will provide instructions for your recovery. Many of these will also be instructed before surgery. Some tips and directions for your Sarasota lower body lift recovery may include:

  • Limit strenuous exercise for at least two weeks
  • Be careful to put any strain on your incisions and follow instructions for sleeping and daily activities
  • Do not submerge or wash the incisions until instructed to do so
  • Take prescribed medications
  • Wear your compression garment as instructed
  • Attend all post-operative appointments
  • Do not overexert yourself



The right time for a lower body lift is when you have copious amounts of extra skin that gets in the way of your daily life or otherwise bothers you. If you have lost weight and continue to do so, unless you are within ten to fifteen pounds of your goal, it is best to wait until you are close to or at your goal.

As far as candidacy is concerned, Dr. Sessa can determine this during a consultation. He will want to know about your lifestyle (i.e. if you smoke, etc.), medical history, and goals. This will help him determine if you are a good candidate for a lower body lift in Sarasota.


A mommy makeover is another example of a combination cosmetic surgery. However, in the case of a mommy makeover, the combination involves breast surgery and an abdominal procedure. While there is crossover and similarities, it typically does not involve a 360° incision like a lower body lift.


The visibility of the incisions and future scars is a common concern for patients. Dr. Sessa will make the incisions as thin and minimal as possible. They are also placed where undergarments and clothing almost always cover. However, something to consider when deciding if a lower body lift is worth it to you is the scars. While scars do fade, and Scar Protocol is an option for minimizing their appearance, it is usually impossible to completely remove scars from any surgical procedure.


A lower body lift comes with some post-operative pain and discomfort. It can be managed with prescription pain medications, compression garments, and following your post-operative instructions. If pain management is a concern, mention this to Dr. Sessa and he will create a pain management plan that will work for you.


The cost of a lower body lift will depend on the body areas included and the extent of the procedure. After your consultation, you will receive a customized price quote for your lower body lift in Sarasota.

The Best Lower Body Lift In Sarasota By Dr. Alberico Sessa

Sarasota Surgical Arts is a premier cosmetic surgery practice in Sarasota, Florida. Located steps away from Siesta Key Beach and easily accessible from all surrounding areas, Sarasota Surgical Arts offers a picturesque and convenient location. Along with that, the practice provides surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services to provide for all of your needs. Sarasota Surgical Arts provides the best lower body lift Bellevue and Kirkland offers.

Dr. Alberico Sessa is an accomplished cosmetic surgeon with decades of experience. He is frequently called upon as a mentor and expert in the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Sessa routinely performs body contouring procedures. He is among the best cosmetic surgeons in Florida.

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