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Breast Augmentation Fruitville

Breast Augmentation Fruitville

Breast augmentation surgery is sought after by many women worldwide, and there is no shortage of cosmetic surgeons offering their services in the Fruitville, Florida, area. When searching for a breast augmentation surgeon, women often need someone who understands how to correct breast asymmetry, breast tissue deflation, or breast size enhancement. Despite the number of plastic surgeons in Florida and Fruitville, Dr. Alberico Sessa, at Sarasota Surgical Arts, is many women’s first choice regarding breast implant surgery. His care and careful attention to all of his patient’s needs make him the highest-quality Fruitville breast augmentation surgeon.

Breast Augmentation

Breasts are a beautiful aspect of a woman’s body. When breasts are symmetrical and shapely, this can make one feel sensual and womanly, adding the desired curves to a woman’s figure. On the contrary, when breasts are asymmetrical or flat, this can cause a woman to feel self-conscious or unhappy with her image. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that uses breast implants to enhance and shape the breasts.

Many of Dr. Sessa’s Fruitville patients come in because they lack confidence in their breast size or have lost significant breast tissue due to pregnancy or breastfeeding. Puberty can also leave some women with two different breast sizes or uneven breast shapes. Many factors can affect the size and shape of breast tissue, but all of these conditions can be reversed through breast augmentation.

Benefits of a Fruitville Breast Augmentation

The benefits of breast augmentation surgery are countless and aid in many areas other than enhancing breast size. A few benefits of breast augmentation include: 

  • Balanced proportions and shapely figure 
  • Corrects breast asymmetry 
  • Restores breast tissue lost to pregnancy or breastfeeding 
  • Reverses the effect of age on breast tissue 
  • Fuller breasts 
  • Creates a firmer breast feel 
  • Increased confidence 
  • Performed by a top Fruitville cosmetic surgeon

Breast Augmentation Implants

Deciding to undergo breast augmentation is a big decision that a patient should take time to consider. Another big decision a Fruitville patient must make is the type of implants used for their surgery. Dr. Sessa can use three main types of implants for breast augmentation surgery: saline, silicone, or gummy bear. All are great options for patients. Below is the difference between silicone, saline, and gummy bear implants.


1. Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone breast implants have an exterior shell made up of silicone and a cohesive silicone gel in the interior. There are two options for the shell structure, either smooth or textured. The smooth shell creates mobility for the implant, as it will not adhere to any tissue in the chest. This implant mimics the appearance and feel of natural breast tissue the most. However, the added mobility can sometimes lead to easier implant displacement. The textured shell adheres to the tissue and secures the implant in place. It has a quality that feels more like rubber and has far less risk of displacement than the smooth shell. However, the shell’s texture can sometimes become visible underneath the skin, leading to rippling.  

Silicone breast implants provide Dr. Sessa’s patients with a more natural-appearing breast implant with a low risk of rippling or rupture. The scars will be a bit longer than with a saline implant, and most women don’t immediately notice if they rupture. 


2. Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants have an exterior shell also made up of silicone, but the shell’s interior consists of a mixture of sterile saline. Saline implants require a smaller incision than silicone. Once Dr. Sessa places the implant properly, it is filled with the saline mixture. They have a similar feel and appearance to a water balloon. Silicone implants are easily adjustable and are approved for women over the age of eighteen. However, they are more likely than silicone implants to show rippling and do not look or feel as natural.


3. Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy bear implants are one of the newest implant types for Fruitville breast augmentation patients. They are silicone-based implants with a stickier, more cohesive gel that allows them to mimic natural breast tissue even more than silicone implants. The name “gummy bear” comes from the adhesive quality that feels similar to the texture of gummy bear candy. Because of the adhesive quality, the implants are less likely to ripple, mimic natural breasts, and are less likely to leak. 

The Fruitville Breast Augmentation Process

It’s important for Dr. Sessa’s patients to have a good understanding of what to expect before undergoing breast augmentation surgery. From the consultation to the procedure, feeling informed can put potential patients at ease and help them achieve a better idea of what they want.


The Consultation with Dr. Sessa

For patients in Fruitville, Florida, Dr. Sessa will begin the consultation by understanding the patient’s desired results and aesthetic goals. He will then need a full medical history, including all prior surgeries, medication, and any possible health conditions. He will also need to know the patient’s activity level to help determine which implant option and incision site is best for them. Next, Dr. Sessa will allow the patient to try out implant options and go over all necessary information about the preparation for the procedure, the actual procedure, and the recovery process. 


Fruitville Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Sessa may require patients to take prescribed medication before the surgery or pause using certain prescriptions. On the day of the procedure, patients should have someone drive them to The Sarasota Surgical Arts Center and arrive in a clean, zipped, or buttoned-up shirt. The patient will be placed under general anesthesia before the surgery begins. 

Dr. Sessa will begin the procedure by creating the incision in the chosen incision site and will place the implants in the desired location, as implants can be placed either above or underneath the chest muscles. Patients are released fairly quickly after the surgery is complete and can have someone take them home to rest. 


Breast Augmentation Recovery

It’s common for Fruitville breast augmentation patients to experience some discomfort and heaviness in the chest following breast augmentation. This typically only lasts for a few days, and Dr. Sessa will prescribe medication to ease any discomfort. Patients should rest for at least a week, avoid any physical exercise or activity, and sleep elevated and on their backs. It’s best to avoid raising the arms above the head and to maintain all other post-operative instructions from Dr. Sessa. For the best results, patients should attend all post-op appointments with Dr. Sessa.

What are the Risks of Breast Augmentation?

Any surgery comes with certain risks, such as infection, nerve damage, or reactions to anesthesia. These risks can come with breast augmentation, but the surgery is considered extremely safe, and the risk of complications is low. By choosing a high-quality surgeon such as Dr. Sessa, patients can further eliminate the inherent risks of surgery. 

The Best Breast Augmentation in Fruitville

Dr. Alberico Sessa is a double-board certified cosmetic surgeon whose time, dedication, and passion for all of his patients are evident in their results. He is a member of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, allowing him to learn the newest, cutting-edge techniques and provide the best care to his patients. His Fruitville breast augmentation patients praise him for the beautiful and consistent results he always produces. Dr. Sessa and his team at The Sarasota Surgical Arts Center consistently provide the highest quality care for all Fruitville patients.