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Breast Augmentation, Bradenton

Breast Augmentation, Bradenton

With the numerous cosmetic surgeons offering breast augmentation surgery in the Bradenton, Florida area, patients can feel overwhelmed with choices. Breast augmentation is a popular procedure amongst women and can help them gain confidence and improve their quality of life. It can add curves to a woman’s figure, correct breast asymmetry, and enhance breast shape and size. For women in the Bradenton area looking for breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Alberica Sessa at Sarasota Surgical Arts is the most experienced cosmetic surgeon who performs breast enhancement surgery. He’s double-board certified and has perfected the techniques that create natural-appearing, beautiful breast tissue.

Breast Augmentation Explained 

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic enhancement surgery that positively increases breast tissue’s size, shape, and firmness. The outcome brings women increased confidence in their breast size and feel and can restore many problems many women face. Breast augmentation achieves these results by inserting breast implants, generally made from silicone or saline, either on top or underneath the chest muscle. A less common form of breast augmentation is performed by using fat grafting to enhance the breast tissue, but only a slim number of patients choose to undergo this method.

Breast implant surgery provides incredible results that never change and can remain for years. Fat transfer augmentation is best for Bradenton patients seeking a more natural breast enhancement that keeps their tissue in the same shape. However, the fat graft technique is not as consistent as breast implants. Every patient is unique, and the breast augmentation method is determined by their personal goals, needs, and physical attributes.


Is Breast Augmentation Worth It?

There are many reasons a woman may be interested in undergoing breast augmentation surgery. However, the procedure is a complete surgery, and many wonder if the process is worth the time and downtime required after. Breast implants are beneficial to many women for numerous reasons. 

Breast augmentation not only improves the size, profile, and firmness of breasts but can also aid in many other areas. Women who struggle with severe breast asymmetry can find new confidence and alignment in their breasts,  while women who have had children and breastfed can correct sagging breast tissue. For women who have had to undergo a mastectomy, breast augmentation provides beautiful, reconstructed breast tissue that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. For small-chested or naturally thin women, augmentation with implants can bring them an enhanced cup size, better shape for clothes, and the confidence that comes with better proportions.  At Sarasota Surgical Arts, Dr. Sessa can provide numerous benefits for all of his breast augmentation patients.  


Breast Augmentation Candidates in Bradenton

Many women make good candidates for Bradenton breast augmentation. As long as a patient is over the age of eighteen for saline implants, and over the age of twenty-two, for silicone implants, they could be a possible candidate for breast implant surgery. The patient must be healthy, not smoke, or be willing to stop smoking well before and after the surgery. 

Dr. Sessa will need to complete a full physical examination to ensure the patient has no underlying health conditions or allergies that could hinder the use of anesthesia or any part of the procedure. It’s best if a woman does not plan on becoming pregnant after the surgery, as hormones and breastfeeding can impact the results and appearance of the breast tissue. 

Candidates should feel confident in their decision and have a strong sense of what they want as a result of the procedure. During a consultation, Dr. Sessa can provide all of the information and recommendations necessary to guide his patients toward their best outcomes.

Sarasota Surgical Arts Consultation 

Dr. Sessa will provide a free consultation for all of his Bradenton breast augmentation patients. He will begin the discussion by determining the patient’s overall goals and desired appearance. Typically, women desire a natural-looking breast enhancement, but Dr. Sessa also accommodates patients who desire more substantial results. 

He will also need the patient’s medical history, lifestyle, and activity level to determine what implant options and surgical techniques are best for them. The patient will also have a chance to try on numerous implant sizes to determine the best look and shape for the figure. Because the surgery is elective, Dr. Sessa will ensure the patient is in good health and can undergo the procedure. 

Dr. Sessa can help guide each patient through achieving their goals, deciding on implant size and structure, and finding the best technique’s for the procedure. He will explain the process, preparation requirements, and recovery to every breast augmentation patient. 

The Breast Augmentation Process 

It’s important for potential patients to be informed of the entire procedure process, from the preparation to the recovery. For Bradenton patients, Sarasota Surgical Arts want their patients to feel comfortable and knowledgeable before undergoing breast augmentation surgery. This ensures they arrive at their consultation with a better understanding of what they want and what to expect. 

Preparation For Breast Augmentation

Dr. Sessa may require patients to prepare for the procedure by prescribing certain medications or requiring certain medications to be avoided before the surgery. Patients must shower on the day of surgery and arrive at the facility wearing a clean shirt that can be buttoned or zipped. This ensures the patient’s skin stays clean before the procedure. Patients should also prepare to have downtown after the surgery and schedule that with their work or with childcare. 

Bradenton Breast Implant Procedure

Because the surgery is customizable, the surgery process will vary between patients. Depending on what was decided during the consultation, the incision site can vary from underneath the breast tissue, around the nipples, or underneath the armpit. The implants can be placed either on top or below the chest muscle. 

Before the procedure, Dr. Sessa will outline the breasts with a marker based on the customized procedure. The patient will be placed under general anesthesia before the surgery and will be monitored for a short amount of time once the procedure is complete. 

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Dr. Sessa will prescribe pain medication for his patients after the procedure is complete. They will be released shortly after the surgery and might experience a heavy or tight feeling in their chest muscles. Some bruising and swelling may occur.

Patients should plan to take at least a week off of work and should avoid exercise. They should sleep on their back and not lift or reach for anything. Dr. Sessa will provide more in-depth recovery instructions based on your individual surgery.   

Possible Risks

While every surgery comes with certain risks and potential side effects, they are rare with breast augmentation surgery. However, some possible risks include adverse reactions to anesthesia, nerve damage, infection, and pain. In the hands of the right cosmetic surgeon, like Dr. Sessa, risks are rare and easily preventable. 

What Makes Dr. Sessa The Best Bradenton Breast Augmentation Surgeon? 

Dr. Alberico J Sessa is a double-board certified cosmetic surgeon who has been trained in every cosmetic procedure. He provides the highest quality care and dedication to his patients and utilizes the newest technology and techniques to create reliable and stunning results. He understands the importance of proportions, guides each patient, and has performed thousands of cosmetic surgeries successfully. He never stops growing in his work and has passed his care and dedication onto the rest of the team, making  Dr. Sessa at Sarasota Surgical Arts the best Bradenton breast augmentation surgeon.  

To learn more or schedule a consultation with Dr. Sessa today, call us at 941-313-7746.