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Breast Augmentation Siesta Key

Breast Augmentation Siesta Key

In sunny Florida, many plastic surgeons offer breast augmentation, often for discounted rates or special offers. In fact, Florida has one of the highest rates of cosmetic surgeons in the United States. The sheer amount of cosmetic surgeon options can be overwhelming for patients seeking breast augmentation in Siesta Key. 

Dr. Alberico Sessa runs his clinic, Sarasota Surgical Arts, with quality and care in mind. His breast augmentation results are some of the highest rated in Siesta Key. He has performed thousands of cosmetic surgical procedures successfully and has performed hundreds of incredible breast augmentations. His dedication and precision make him one of the top Siesta Key cosmetic surgeons.

What Is Breast Augmentation? 

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that uses implants or fat transfer to reshape and enlarge the breast tissue. Breast implants are much more popular than fat transfer, but both work to boost the breasts and create a stunning aesthetic. And while all breasts are unique and beautiful, every woman deserves to feel confident in her own skin. Siesta Key breast augmentation helps create self-confidence in patients who struggle with their shape. By using breast implants made from saline or silicone, women can gain new breasts and a new outlook on life. 

Saline Breast Implant Pros & Cons 

Saline breast implants are an excellent option for women who worry about the risks of breast implants. They have a silicone shell filled with sterile saline water that is non-toxic to the body upon possible implant rupture. They can be filled before or during the surgery and are more budget-friendly than silicone implants. However, saline implants appear the least natural and are more prone to rippling or displacement. Their shape mimics that of a water balloon rather than natural breasts. 

Silicone Breast Implant Pros & Cons

Siesta Key silicone breast implants have a natural look and feel due to the silicone shell and interior silicone gel. This texture allows them to move with the natural breast tissue and feel highly similar. They are longer lasting than silicone and have a more extensive variety of implant types, shapes, and styles. One of the newest silicone implants is the: 

  • Gummy Bear Implants 

Gummy bear implants are silicone implants with a denser interior gel than traditional ones. These implants are shaped like teardrops to mimic the shape of breasts. Additionally, the thick gel is the least likely to ripple or rupture. 

Silicone breast implants can rupture without the patient’s knowledge, which is referred to as a “silent rupture.” They are also more costly than saline implants, with the highest price for gummy bear implants.

Candidates For Breast Augmentation in Siesta Key 

There is no right or wrong answer to who is a good candidate for breast augmentation. The only requirements are as follows: 

  • The patient is in good health  
  • The patient is over 18 for saline implants 
  • The patient is over 22 for silicone implants
  • The patient does not smoke or is willing to quit at least four weeks before and after the procedure 

However, Dr. Sessa will schedule a consultation with every Siesta Key breast augmentation patient well before the procedure. This will help him determine if any underlying health issues could put the patient at risk during the surgery. Patients need to know what they want and feel confident in their decision to undergo breast implant surgery. 

Is Breast Augmentation Worth The Risks?

The benefits of breast augmentation in Siesta Key are unique to every patient. However, many patients report various worthwhile benefits that outweigh the risks associated with breast implants. Breast implants can create a stunning, full chest for women with small amounts of breast tissue or bring balance to breast tissue with severe asymmetry. Additionally, women who have felt the effects of pregnancy or breastfeeding can regain their womanly figure with breast augmentation. For women who have had a mastectomy, a Siesta Key breast augmentation is a beautiful reconstructive surgery that helps women confidently restore their breast tissue and celebrate their journey. 

There are many unique and incredible benefits of breast augmentation. Every patient has a different story to tell, and Dr. Sessa wants to hear them all. 

Risks of Breast Implants 

Every surgery comes with inherent risks, and breast augmentation is no different. However, the risks are highly unlikely, and working with a top cosmetic surgeon further reduces risks. Some risks of breast augmentation Siesta Key include: 

  • Complications with anesthesia 
  • Nerve damage 
  • Infection 
  • Hardening of scar tissue 
  • Rippling
  • Implant rupture 
  • BII

Siesta Key Breast Augmentation Consultation 

There are many choices a woman needs to make before undergoing a Siesta Key breast augmentation. Dr. Sessa uses a preoperative consultation to help patients make these choices. After he ensures the patient can safely undergo the procedure, he will explain the types of implants a patient can choose from. Patients will need to choose: 

  • Implant type 
  • Implant size  
  • Implant profile 
  • Implant placement 
  • Incision site

All of these factors will play a massive role in the procedure’s outcome. Once Dr. Sessa understands the patient’s desired results, he can guide the patient through each choice based on the physical makeup, needs, and goals. However, understanding each choice can help breast implant patients in Siesta Key feel prepared.

Implant Type 

Implant type refers to the kind of breast implant the patient wants. They can choose between saline, silicone, or the new gummy bear implants. 

Implant Size 

Implant size is measured in units of cc’s and affects the breast tissue’s cup size and overall shape. Patients need to find a size that fits their body type, as implants that are too small for their frame can increase the chances of rippling, and implants that are too large can cause damage to the actual breast tissue. 

Implant Profile

Implant profile refers to the side profile of the implant. Essentially, the higher the implant protrusion, the further the implant will stick out from the chest. However, certain implant profiles work best for specific body types. Dr. Sessa can provide more insights into implant protrusion during the consultation. 

Implant Placement 

Siesta Key breast implants can be placed either under the chest muscle (sub-muscular) or above the chest muscle (sub-glandular). However, most patients opt to have their breast implants placed sub-muscularly, as this provides the best protection for the implants.

Incision Site 

There are three common locations where the incision can be placed. These incision sites include:

  • Inframammary Fold – below the crease of the breast
  • Periareolar – around the areola
  • Transaxillary – In the crease of the armpit 

Inframammary fold incisions allow for precision and work with any implant size. However, the scar is on the breast tissue and doesn’t work for women with flat chests and little to no crease in the breast tissue. Periareolar incisions have minimal scarring and are easier to use if the patient wishes to have an implant removal or revision. However, periareolar incisions have the highest chance of affecting nipple sensation and can disrupt the mammary glands, interfering with breastfeeding. Transaxillary incisions work with any type of implant, and the scars are unnoticeable underneath the armpit. However, they may not work with larger-sized implants, and the distance can make it more challenging to achieve perfect symmetry. 

Dr. Sessa works with all his Siesta Key breast augmentation patients to find the best implants for their body type and goals. Through his experience and expertise, Dr. Sessa makes finding the perfect breast implant easy.

The Top Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Siesta Key 

Dr. Alberico Sessa has won the Best Cosmetic Surgeon Award in the Sarasota and Bradenton area for the last four years. He has been an oral board examiner for the last five and has performed thousands of breast augmentations that produced perfect results. Through his decades of experience and genuine care for every patient, Siesta Key breast augmentation patients can expect the best results. 

To learn more, call us at 941-923-1736. You can also reach us online via our Price Simulator.