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Neck Lift, Cape Coral

Neck Lift, Cape Coral

Neck lifts are becoming increasingly popular amongst people of all ages. And maybe that sounds crazy, but we think that it makes perfect sense. See, the neck is often the first place to reflect age or is damaged by exposure because the skin is so sensitive in this area. And we know you don’t need to improve your neck’s appearance to improve your life. But if gaining a smooth neck and defined jawline is something that interests you, then we’re here to talk about it. 

So, if a lifted neck and defined jaw are calling to you, then maybe it’s time to start looking at options. At Sarasota Surgical Arts, Dr. Alberico Sessa is a well-known cosmetic surgeon who has performed thousands of neck lifts. Basically, he’s the answer to your neck lift needs.

How Does A Neck Lift Work?

Some will tell you that a neck lift is just a skin removal surgery. While it does remove skin that has –maybe– begun to sag, it does so much more than that. A neck lift in, Cape Coral, reduces the wrinkles, deep lines, and lax tissue around the neck, restoring a sleek decolletage. 

When you get a neck lift, it’s not just skin that’s being removed. The underlying muscles and tissues are tightened so that the lift stays snatched. So, if you’re looking for a neckline that can rock a side profile picture, we’ve got you covered. 

Is A Neck Lift Right For Me?  

Listen, a neck lift, Cape Coral, isn’t for everyone. There’s nothing wrong with aging, as it comes with beautiful benefits and wisdom. But there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to change certain things or slow time down a bit. 

Whether a neck lift is right for you is a personal choice that depends on your own goals. But if you want your neck to look less like you spent too much time applying baby oil instead of sunscreen, a neck lift can help with that. It can also help with things such as: 

  • The appearance of a double-chin 
  • Deep lines across the neck 
  • Sagging skin around the lower chin and neck 
  • The skin that some refer to as a “turkey neck” 
  • Deep folds or creases across the neck 

What Are The Benefits?

We aren’t here to convince you that you need a neck lift. In fact, we want that decision to feel empowering and not one based on insecurity. The truth is, any cosmetic surgery should take place because you want it, not because you feel bad about certain aspects of your body. So, remember, when we discuss the benefits, it doesn’t mean you need them. We are simply highlighting what a neck lift can do for you, which includes: 

  • A smooth and sleek neck 
  • Defined jawline and side profile 
  • Removes excess skin and fat underneath the jaw 
  • Tighten the underlying muscles to get rid of wrinkles
  • Incisions are small and easily hidden 
  • Performed by an expert cosmetic surgeon

Should I Get A Neck Lift By Itself? 

A neck lift, Cape Coral, can stand alone as its own procedure, but it’s commonly combined with other surgeries, like a facelift. Combining a neck lift and facelift can create the perfect balance of youthful rejuvenation and a natural appearance. A neck lift combined with liposuction is another great way to achieve a more defined neck and jawline. In fact, if you want your under chin to appear slimmer, a neck lift with liposuction is the way to go. 

Neck & Facelift 

If you choose the neck and facelift option, then you’re picking an option that addresses many signs of age and rejuvinates your overall appearance. Plus, getting them both done avoids the chaos and recovery of two separate surgeries. (Two lifts, one face– or something like that.) 

Neck Lift & Liposuction 

With a neck lift, Cape Coral, liposuction is the other surgery that compliments it extremely well. Using liposuction sucks out any extra fat around the neck and allows the lift to enhance your jawline even more. It’s a solution for those who want to slim down their side profile. 

What To Expect During A Neck Lift Process?  

The first thing you need to do for a neck lift is to find the provider that’s right for you. While we highly recommend Dr. Sessa, we want you to make an informed decision that you feel comfortable with. So, we’ve compiled a list of questions that you should ask cosmetic surgeons when you are looking for the right one. Some great questions to ask include: 

  • Are you certified? 
  • What are your credentials and certifications? 
  • Are you experienced with neck lifts? 
  • Am I a good candidate for a neck lift? 
  • What are your recommendations for recovery? 
  • Do you offer payment plans for this surgery? 
  • What are the risks? 
  • What do you do to lower the risks? 

These questions are a great place to start when looking for the best provider for your Cape Coral neck lift. 

Recovering From A Neck Lift  

 Recovery often brings a sense of dread, no matter the procedure. However, if you are prepared, your recovery can be smooth rather than stressful. Ensuring you have help around the house and can take off of work for rest will help your recovery process. Also, make sure to drink plenty of fluids and eat a nutritionally balanced diet. Some other recovery instructions include: 

  • Keep your head elevated, even when you’re resting. (In other words, you’ll need a lot of pillows.) 
  • Keep the surgical bandages on for at least 24 hours after the surgery. 
  • Take all medication prescribed. 
  • Attend all follow-up appointments with your provider. 
  • Wait to shower for at least 24 hours.


What Are The Risks?

Every surgery comes with certain risks, even if it’s safe. We don’t want to scare you, because the truth is, complications with a neck lift are rare, but you should still stay informed on the potential risks. A neck lift can cause poor scarring, infection, bleeding, nerve damage, skin necrosis, and a bad reaction to the anesthesia.

How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost In Cape Coral?

A neck lift in Cape Coral costs around $7,000 but differs depending on the clinic and provider you use. It also fluctuates with additional surgeries or techniques needed. You can talk to Dr. Sessa about the price during your consultation.

Am I A Good Candidate?

Look, as long as you are healthy and have a good reason for undergoing the procedure, a neck lift might benefit you. The best way to know if you are a candidate is to attend a consultation with a trusted provider.

Your Neck Lift In Cape Coral, Florida

If you’re interested in a neck lift, it’s definitely worth looking into. You don’t have to be worried or afraid of change or feel guilty for wanting to improve certain areas of your body. At Sarasota Surgical Arts, Dr. Sessa wants you to gain all the knowledge and comfort so you can undergo a neck lift with confidence.