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Tummy Tuck, North Port

Tummy Tuck, North Port 

Losing your shape or figure due to age, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations can be disheartening and frustrating for many women. In fact, both men and women can struggle with their confidence and self-worth as their body changes through the years. Those who lose drastic amounts of weight can sometimes feel defeated when the results are hidden beneath excess skin. 

A tummy tuck can help reshape the structure of your stomach and bring back your unique figure. Many different techniques can be used to address specific issues for every patient. Dr. Alberico Sessa at Sarasota Surgical Arts is one of the best cosmetic surgeons to perform a tummy tuck and provides transformative surgeries for every circumstance.   

What Is A Tummy Tuck? 

A tummy tuck, medically referred to as an abdominoplasty, involves removing and tightening excess skin around the abdominal region. It does not necessarily increase weight loss but enhances the shape of the waist and stomach. For a tummy tuck to be successful, you must have a certain degree of excess skin around your waist that can be removed and pulled taut. 

However, many patients have less excess skin but still benefit from certain types of abdominoplasty. The type of tummy tuck you undergo depends on a few factors, such as: 

  • Amount of skin that can be removed
  • Specific areas you want to be improved
  • How much excess skin and fat is around your midsection 
  • Your overall ideal outcome from the surgery 
  • Any other fat or tissue that needs to be addressed 

North Port Abdominoplasty Benefits 

Each procedure type has its own unique benefits and outcomes. For a tummy tuck North Port, the benefits depend on your unique circumstance and the kind of abdominoplasty Dr. Sessa helps you decide upon. Let’s look at each surgery type and the benefits they entail.

Mini Tummy Tuck Benefits 

A mini tummy tuck is the least invasive abdominoplasty available for patients. Sometimes called a “weekend tummy tuck,” this mini surgery removes the smallest amount of skin around the lower waist and abdomen. However, this is ideal for patients with persistent skin around the lower abdomen that does not move with diet and exercise. Some benefits of a North Point mini tummy include: 

  • Creates a slimmer figure around the lower abdomen 
  • Removes the unwanted skin that can make the appearance of a “pooch” 
  • Tightens the lower stomach to create a flattering silhouette 
  • More minor surgery than other abdominoplasty procedures
  • Less invasive and time-consuming
  • Lower recovery process 

Standard Tummy Tuck Benefits 

A standard abdominoplasty North Port addresses the loose, overhanging skin around the low and mid-stomach region. It eliminates significantly more skin and fat from this area and is better for patients who need more correction around their abdomen. While a standard North Port tummy tuck focuses on the lower waist, it can also help aesthetic issues in the mid-abdominal region. Additionally, it can correct weak and separated muscles. Some benefits of a standard tummy tuck include: 

  • Tightens the abdominal muscles 
  • Corrects issues like abdominal muscle separation
  • Can correct stretch marks in the lower waist 
  • Eliminates skin that sags around the lower and mid stomach 
  • Can get rid of a cesarian scar 
  • Can be a part of a “mommy makeover” procedure 

Extended Tummy Tuck Benefits 

An extended tummy tuck, North Port, is an excellent surgery for patients with much larger amounts of skin and fat around their waist, hips, upper and mid stomach, and lower back. It is often used for patients who have lost massive amounts of weight but are stuck with the leftover skin. It is a more in-depth process with a more significant recovery time, but it can be life-changing for many patients. Some benefits of an extended tummy tuck include:

  • Removes extensive amount of sagging skin 
  • Reshapes most of the stomach, lower back, and hip region 
  • Excellent for patients who had severe changes from pregnancy 
  • Excellent for patients who have lost large amounts of weight 
  • Can restructure the belly button after body changes 
  • Creates a stunning figure and contour 
  • Corrects separated muscles and stretch marks 
  • Provides extremely noticeable results

Fleur-De-Lis Tummy Tuck Benefits 

Every patient has unique needs, so Dr. Sessa offers many North Port tummy tuck options. A Fleur-de-lis tummy tuck has horizontal and vertical incisions to remove the skin of any tummy tuck. This is because a fleur-de-lis tummy tuck removes excess skin and pockets of fat in the entire abdominal region. While it is a less commonly performed procedure, it’s best for patients who have lost extreme weight and want to regain their shape. Benefits of a fleur-de-lis tummy tuck include: 

  • Removes the greatest amount of excess skin around the entire abdominal region
  • Fixes aesthetic issues on two separate planes 
  • Restructure the shape of the stomach and waist 
  • Strengthens abs and tightens leftover skin 
  • It can be life-changing for patients who have achieved extreme weight loss

Finding The Right Cosmetic Surgeon 

Whether you need a minimal tummy tuck North Port or a complete transformation, finding the right cosmetic surgeon is critical to any tummy tuck surgery. The right surgeon will be able to provide you with the knowledge and expertise to guide you to the best solution for you. Dr. Sessa has performed thousands of successful tummy tucks and specializes in restructuring the abdominal region. For North Port tummy tuck patients, Dr. Sessa can help transform your figure and confidence through his incredible technique and expertise. 

Tummy Tuck North Port Recovery 

The extent of a tummy tuck recovery process relies on which kind of surgery you underwent. However, a tummy tuck is an in-depth procedure that patients should take time to prepare for. Some general tummy tuck recovery guidelines include: 

  • Take the prescribed pain medication to encourage an appropriate amount of rest 
  • Leave drains or wraps on until Dr. Sessa removes them 
  • Have a loved one help you with daily tasks 
  • Rest in an upright position so as not to strain the incision 
  • Take at least a week or two off of work 
  • Do not engage in any extreme physical activity for at least four weeks 
  • Eat well and drink lots of water 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are The Risks?

The risks of a tummy tuck, North Port, depend on the type of procedure you undergo. However, the risks are significantly reduced in the hands of a top cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Sessa. Common hazards include bleeding, infection, reactions to anesthesia, scarring, and fluid collection.

How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost In North Port?

The price of a tummy tuck also depends on which procedure you have performed. However, Dr. Sessa works with every patient at Sarasota Surgical Arts to find the best financing options. He will provide a custom quote for your surgery during a consultation.

Is A Tummy Tuck Painful?

While some patients experience discomfort during the first initial days of their recovery, Dr. Sessa provides pain medication to ensure every patient is at ease and can rest. Most patient’s discomfort subsides after a few days.

The Top Tummy Tuck Surgeon in North Port, FL 

Dr. Alberico Sessa is a fellowship-trained, board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has performed thousands of outstanding tummy tucks. His staff at Sarasota Surgical Arts provides the best care and dedication to every patient. Whether you need a mini tummy tuck or an extended abdominoplasty, Dr. Sessa has you covered. 

Contact our cosmetic surgery center to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Sessa. Call our office at 941-923-1736 and speak with our staff.