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Internal Bra Breast Lift Sarasota

Internal Bra Breast Lift Sarasota

Breast sagging is a common concern among women as they get older. Due to gravity, genetics, and multiple pregnancies, extra skin and tissue often pull the breasts downward, causing the nipples to point downward. When this happens, a breast lift surgery is often the best long term treatment. However, some cases may require more than the traditional techniques. New technology has helped improve the outcome of breast lifts. Dr. Alberico Sessa of Sarasota Surgical Arts performs the best internal bra breast lift Sarasota offers.

Overview: Breast Lift With Internal Bra

An internal bra breast lift involves using the known breast lift techniques with the addition of placing a surgical mesh. This surgical mesh is usually placed along the underside of the breasts to help hold them in the proper position and create the desired shape. The surgical mesh has become known as an “internal bra” because of its function in holding up the breast tissue.

The mesh is not designed to be a permanent implant. It should eventually dissolve leaving behind natural scar tissue which will work to hold the breast as the mesh did. Unlike early forms of the internal bra where surgeons intended for the mesh to stay in the breasts permanently, the temporary nature of modern mesh lowers the overall risk of the mesh.

Before & After
A Before & After of a Breast Lift With Reduction Plastic Surgery by Dr. Alberico Sessa in Sarasota
Before & After
A Before & After of a Breast Lift With Reduction Plastic Surgery by Dr. Alberico Sessa in Sarasota

Breast Procedures That May Use Internal Mesh

Breast lifts are not the only procedure that may use internal mesh to support the breasts. Surgical internal mesh also carries several other medical uses in general surgery. However, the mesh Dr. Sessa places during breast lift surgery is specifically made for cosmetic breast surgery. Other procedures Dr. Sessa may utilize this surgical mesh in include:


  • Breast Augmentation: The most common use of an internal bra during breast augmentation is when placing especially large implants. The mesh helps serve as some extra natural support if a patient has thin skin or tissue, but still wants large breast implants. This is not an overly common use for a first breast augmentation surgery.

  • Breast Revision: When replacing breast implants or fixing botched breast surgery, Dr. Sessa may use mesh to support the new implants and repair the “bottoming out” of the implants. This is when breast implants fall below the natural inframammary fold, usually due to an improperly created or damaged breast pocket that holds the implant.

  • Breast Augmentation With Lift: Considering that Dr. Sessa may place an internal bra during breast augmentation or breast lift, it is logical that he may also utilize it during breast augmentation with lift. This is common in older patients who need a breast lift to correct sagging, but also want breast implants to restore breast volume. They may have lost a good amount of breast volume and skin thickness and need the extra support the internal mesh can provide.


  • Reconstructive Breast Surgery: Occasionally, an internal bra may aid in reconstructive breast surgery. Like with the other indications, the mesh helps support either the natural tissues or breast implants. In the case of reconstructive surgery, it may help create a more natural breast shape.

Benefits & Risks

An internal bra breast lift comes with benefits and risks that are important for a patient to understand before going forward with surgery. Dr. Sessa will also review these with you, especially as they pertain to your medical history and particular surgery.

The exact benefits a patient experiences will vary based on their goals. However, an internal mesh breast lift does offer patients many benefits and advantages they may enjoy. The benefits of an internal bra breast lift can include:

  • Lifted, perkier breasts
  • More natural nipple position
  • Younger looking breasts and body contour
  • Strengthens inframammary fold
  • Promotes a better breast shape
  • Better internal support for the breasts
  • May help prevent some degree of future sagging
  • Prevents bottoming out if breast implants are placed
  • Biodegradable material
  • Can help reduce scarring or the extent of necessary incisions
  • Effective and versatile
  • Made of a new generation of surgical mesh that is safer than traditional surgical meshes
  • May provide longer lasting results
  • Can provide better results than a traditional breast lift for some patients
  • Performed by one of Florida’s best and more experienced cosmetic breast surgeons

All surgeries—whether elective or not—come with some level of risk. When it comes to elective surgery, it is vital for the patient and their surgeon to review the risks and if they outweigh the benefits for that particular patient. Dr. Sessa will do this during your consultation at Sarasota Surgical Arts. The risks of an internal bra breast lift can include:

  • Infection
  • Poor wound healing
  • Rejection of surgical mesh
  • Visible or raised scarring
  • Allergic reaction
  • Complications associated with general anesthesia
  • Unsatisfactory results

Overall, the risks of an internal bra breast lift are only slightly elevated when compared to a traditional breast lift. This is only because of the placement of the mesh. However, for the average patient, there are no major increased risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need An Internal Bra To Have A Successful Breast Lift?

No, many patients will see amazing results without inserting internal mesh into the breasts. The internal bra is generally for specialized cases where there are concerns about the amount and quality of the tissue and skin there to support the breast lift results. For most patients, this is not really a concern.

How Long Will It Take For The Mesh To Disintegrate?

It depends on the specific mesh used and your own body. Generally, most internal bras dissolve within one to two years. Some patients may see the total disintegration of the internal bra within just a few months. This is dependent on how long it takes the scar tissue to form around and into the mesh.

If you generally have a fast metabolism, you may see the mesh break down faster. This does not mean it is not effective, the amount of time it takes for it to dissolve does not matter when it comes to how the device actually works.

Will It Prevent Sagging?

To an extent, yes, but it is not a guarantee that you will never experience breast sagging ever again. The scar tissue that the mesh helps form in the necessary position is still just bodily tissue. It is subject to descend over several years and may sag itself. Though, it is important to note that this will likely take several years, if not well over a decade for this to occur.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to totally prevent breast sagging. Gravity and genetics are the two biggest factors that are uncontrollable. If you want to prevent sagging as much as possible, wear a good supportive bra and maintain a relatively stable weight.

Do I Still Need To Wear A Regular Bra If I Have An Internal Bra?

Yes, an internal bra is not a replacement for a regular bra. Your breasts will still need the generalized support that a bra provides. The internal bra helps shape the breast and keeps it in a natural position.

Is An Internal Bra Breast Lift Safe?

Yes, for a patient who is a good candidate, an internal bra breast lift is safe. There is slightly more overall risk due to the placement of the mesh. However, it is not riskier than a traditional breast lift for many patients. Dr. Sessa will evaluate you and your medical history to determine if you are a good candidate and if the surgery would benefit you and not put you at unexpected or unnecessary risk.

Some patients may express concerns due to the infamous history of earlier surgical meshes used for hernia repair and other surgeries in the past. The mesh used in a breast lift at Sarasota Surgical Arts is a completely differently engineered mesh that is designed to be temporary. Historically, many surgical meshes were meant to be permanent, which does prove much more risk than a temporary mesh.

An internal bra is among one of the safest surgical meshes. It rarely causes considerable complications. If you have a history of major allergic reactions, rejection of medical devices, or major medical conditions, then Dr. Sessa may not recommend an internal bra breast lift. In these cases, he may advise proceeding with a traditional breast lift or a different procedure altogether.

The Best Internal Bra Breast Lift In Sarasota

Sarasota Surgical Arts is a leading cosmetic surgery clinic near Siesta Key Beach. Offering a full range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Sarasota Surgical Arts is the one-stop for all of your cosmetic and aesthetic needs. Their surgical suite is Florida Board of Medicine certified and features a complete outpatient environment. Sarasota Surgical Arts provides the best internal bra breast lift Sarasota provides.

Dr. Alberico Sessa has over a decade of experience as a cosmetic surgeon and breast surgeon. He performs all forms of cosmetic breast surgery including breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction. Catering each procedure to the individual patient, he works to create your idea of the perfect breasts.

To learn more and schedule a consultation with Dr. Sessa, call us at 941-923-1736. You can also reach out online via chat, contact form, or Price Simulator.