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Will Others Judge Me for Having Breast Implants?

Will Others Judge Me for Having Breast Implants?

The subject of breast augmentation is a bit of a minefield that causes some women to have second thoughts about having breast implants. One of the main concerns shared by most women is that they will be judged by other women for choosing to have cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance. The fear is that having a breast augmentation procedure will attract nothing but negative comments and odd looks from everyone you meet. We’re here to tell you—nothing could be further from the truth.

As Mark Twain was fond of saying, “I have had a great many worries in my life, most of which never came to pass.” The same is true of having any form of cosmetic surgery – the amount of worry you experience around it is completely disproportionate to the reaction your family and friends will have.

How much attention you attract depends entirely on how dramatic the change in your appearance is. If you go from an A cup to a D cup overnight, then people are obviously going to notice the change in your appearance. Most of our patients, however, are looking to make a more subtle improvement in their bustline, something that will draw very little attention to themselves. What they find is that people will assume they’ve lost weight or are using some new kind of push-up bra. They cannot tell! You can trust us when we say cosmetic surgery is the last thing they’ll think about when they look at you.

In our experience, most breast augmentation patients want to keep their cosmetic surgery a secret because of the stigma still attached to getting breast implants. They don’t want to have to explain why they had the procedure in the first place, either. They simply want to avoid all the hype and drama. You are fully capable of hiding your procedure.

Some of our more courageous former patients are quite happy to announce to the world that they’ve had cosmetic surgery, proudly displaying their newly augmented breasts and sharing with their friends how natural their breasts both look and feel. This approach will not suit everyone, but it does have the distinct advantage of allowing you to disarm any negative commenters before they open their mouths.

From speaking to hundreds of our breast augmentation clients in Sarasota and the surrounding areas, the one thing that remains consistent in the conversations that they have with their friends and family about their cosmetic procedure is that it’s only ever a small number of people who make negative comments or ask the typical “Are those real?” types of questions.  It’s important to remember that certain people thrive on negative energy, even though their comments are a sure sign that they’re projecting their own self-esteem and insecurity issues onto you.

The bigger question here is whether or not a woman should be defined by the fact that she’s had cosmetic surgery, and the simple answer here is a resounding “No”. The decision to have cosmetic surgery requires a huge amount of courage and commitment to make a change in your life and in your physical appearance.

If you are still concerned about getting judged, we hope firsthand accounts will help you through your decision.

From our perspective, we think this bravery should be applauded and that any negative comments or silly questions should be ignored. We can, however, promise you that your results will be so natural that even your closest friends will never know you’ve had a breast augmentation procedure unless you tell them.

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