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Will I Look Natural With My Breast Implants?

Will I Look Natural With My Breast Implants?

One of the concerns a woman has about breast augmentation is that the final results won’t look as natural as hoped. Since you haven chosen to alter your body, we understand the worry. We understand that you want to be more than pleased with the results you get. Trust us when we say this—we do, too.

The Current “You”

The fact that you’re thinking about having a breast augmentation procedure tells you that you’re not satisfied with the body you see in the mirror. This could be because your breasts lack volume due to age, weight loss, breast-feeding, or your natural state. Whatever the reason, you know that you need to change how you look, and in turn, how you feel about yourself.

Why spend the rest of your life comparing yourself to other women – the ones who have the breasts you’ve always wanted – when the choice to enhance your appearance is at your fingertips?

Consultation Is Key

Your surgeon should help you decide exactly what size implant will best suit your body type, providing the most natural look and feel. Getting the biggest implants possible is rarely the right move, but it’s a mistake all too many women make.

Even worse? Some surgeons completely ignore what the patient wants to achieve, instead pushing them to get larger breast implants than they actually want. The patient then feels uncomfortable in her body all because the surgeon put their own goals first.

Dr. Sessa has a reputation for putting the patient first, every single time – each consultation lasting as long as it needs to.

Silicone vs. Saline

The type of breast implant you choose will have an impact on how natural your bustline looks afterward. Saline implants are currently in vogue with many cosmetic surgeons, but for all the wrong reasons. Although saline implants do a perfectly acceptable job in helping women achieve the body image they want, their results pale in comparison to what a modern silicone implant can deliver.

Silicone implants look and feel more natural, especially if you have a slender figure, whereas saline implants can quite easily cause “rippling” in the breast tissue. Learn more of why silicone implants are the better option.


Many women worry about the post-operative scarring more than they worry about the actual procedure itself. The very last thing you want is to have scars around your breasts, a clear indication you have had surgery of some kind.

Dr. Sessa ensures that your scars are located underneath the folds of your breast tissue, and that they are as small as is surgically possible.

Body Symmetry

When a woman has smaller than average breasts, it can make other parts of her body seem unusually large. This includes the hips, thighs and stomach. What’s actually causing this problem? The lack of substantial breast tissue places the focus on other parts of the body. In effect, you have body dysmorphic disorder, and you don’t even realize it.

It’s only when you see how your new breasts complement your existing curves that you’ll understand just how much of a difference a professional breast augmentation procedure makes.

The Future

Your next step is to book a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon you can trust. If you’re considering having a breast augmentation procedure and live in Sarasota, then Dr. Sessa should be the first surgeon on your list.

You could have the bustline you’ve always wanted in just a few weeks from now. How would it feel to have the bustline you’ve always wanted?

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