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Common Facelift Myths Debunked

Common Facelift Myths Debunked

A facelift is an incredible surgery that benefits many people across the country. However, because facelifts have been around for decades, many myths swirl around the procedure and create confusion and doubt. Below are common facelift myths that are constantly swirled around in social media.

Only Women Get Facelifts

Many people still believe that women are the only demographic interested in undergoing a facelift. However, a facelift can benefit men and women, and both experience the procedure every year.

Facelifts Are Noticeable

Many believe facelifts are a noticeable procedure that can make you look plastic. Most believe this because when a celebrity receives a botched operation, it’s more prominent and stands out. While old technology may have created some unwanted appearances, facelifts today use incredible techniques that look entirely natural.

All Cosmetic Surgeons Are The Same

Many feel that all cosmetic surgeons are the same and produce the same results. This is simply not true, as all cosmetic surgeons are different and have different levels of experience and training. The right provider will guide you through the entire process and perform the best surgery for you.

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Alberico J. Sessa
Alberico J. Sessa
Alberico J. Sessa, M.D. is a member of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery & is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Sessa has successfully treated hundreds of patients with a high satisfaction rate.