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Are Breast Implants Painful?

Are Breast Implants Painful?

breast augmentation SarasotaOne of the first questions we get about breast implantations is, “How painful is it?”

In reality, getting breast implants is a surprisingly painless experience. It’s probably not nearly as painful as you think it is – but it’s also not a totally painless process.

We’re giving you a no-nonsense explanation of the pain you can expect after going through breast implant surgery.

Expect Minor Swelling and Discomfort

You can almost always expect some minor swelling and discomfort in the region after breast implant surgery.

In a video, breast augmentation Sarasota specialist Dr. Alberico Sessa said the following:
“Most of my patients with breast augmentation will experience a little bit of swelling, a little bit of discomfort, but usually, most of my patients tell me that it’s sort of akin to a Charlie horse, or when you pulled a muscle. But most of them do quite well.”

You can watch the full video here.

After surgery, your body needs to recover after going through a significant procedure. Minor swelling and discomfort in the region should be expected.

It’s a normal part of your body’s healing process.

Good Doctors Provide Excellent Post-Operative Care to Minimize Pain

A breast augmentation specialist’s job isn’t just to perform the surgery but to successfully care for patients after the treatment as well. Good post-operative care is critical to a good breast augmentation clinic.

With that in mind, plastic surgeons will give patients the medications they need to full, safe, and quick recovery from their surgery.

As Dr. Sessa explains,
“Usually, I’ll put my patients on some medicines, of course, some antibiotics and some medicine that will help reduce the swelling. But also, some homeopathic medicines to help reduce the amount of bruising and swelling afterwards.”

In addition, patients receive careful instructions that explain how to treat their own bodies in the days and weeks following surgery.

These meticulous instructions explain the use of ice and the use of compression, for example. Dr. Sessa will also often recommend patients wear a sports bra, something with a strap that goes across, or an Ace wrap that can be left on overnight to continuously apply pressure.

“It Feels Like I Worked Out Too Hard Yesterday”

You can read some breast implant horror stories online. Few of those stories, however, are out of the ordinary. They’re often stories you hear about a friend: “My friend said it felt like an elephant was sitting on her chest” or “I felt like a truck backed over me”.

In reality, modern breast augmentation surgery is an incredibly safe and effective procedure that minimizes the risk of complications.

Combined with world-class post-operative care, breast augmentation surgery can be almost completely painless.

One patient said, “It feels like I worked out too hard yesterday.” That patient says she was tight, sore, and uncomfortable – but not in much real pain.

Your Pain Level Often Depends on your Surgeon

If you read reviews for a clinic online and clients seem to be constantly experiencing pain after surgery, then you should go to a new clinic.

Typically, the level of pain experienced by a patient is related to how the surgeon handled the patient in the operating room.

If the surgeon handles the tissues delicately and with great care, patients typically experience a mostly pain-free recovery.

On the other hand, inexperienced or rough-handed plastic surgeons may use questionable practices like “blunt dissection”, which is when tearing pec muscles off the rib cage results in the implant pocket. It hurts, causes significant bleeding, and it’s not very precise.

More experienced plastic surgeons at world-class facilities will instead use electrocautery dissection, where an electric scalpel is used to gently separate the attachments between the muscle and the ribs, rapidly cauterizing and sealing the blood vessels as it moves along. This leads to a far gentler and more precise implant pocket.

Don’t Let Fear of Pain Keep You from the Body You Want

Ultimately, you’re going to experience some post-operative discomfort whenever a doctor opens up your body.

But by choosing the right doctor working at a world-class facility using the latest technological innovations, you can significantly reduce your chance of experiencing any major pain following surgery.

To learn more about Sarasota Surgical Arts and its painless breast implant surgeries, visit the clinic online today.

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